Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yummy Show and Tell

If you read my post below you'll know the occassion for these yummy treats!

This first one is an Egytpian Classic, its called Farfaheena. Say it just like you see it, far-fa-heena.

You can get these at any juice store, which are plentiful here in Cairo. Every block has a store that sells fresh juice.

In the past I was too scared to drink from these stores, not being sure about the hygeine. Now this store where i live, is CLEAN and they serve their juices in plastic disposable cups. (some of the traditional juice shops serve you juice in a glass mug, not for me. People get their glass mug and hang out in front of the store or by their cars and drink up. They even drive up and beep their horn, the juice boy takes their irder and brings it to their car. I guess you could call it an Egyptian drive-thru but there are no "drive-thru's" here, no room , just drive ups, LOL)

Picture sucks sorry but its too late, I ate that whole damn thing already! I didn't know I took it blurry....

Anyway, this yummy concoction is filled with fruits, a touch of freshly squeezed mango juice and topped with vanilla ice cream. The fruits inside are pomegranate, bananas, apples, and melon. So delicious, and so refreshing even in cooler weather!

Now these yummy guys are gateaux and chocolate eclairs.

I haven't tried the eclairs yet, but they looked so good, I hope they taste as good as they look.

The gateaux are called Mille-feuille (say millfay) here. French name for this type of pastry. They are made with layers of puff pastry dough and alternating layers are filled with custard, or whipped cream or jams. Then dusted with powdered sugar, as one is or topped with jam and a chocolate design as the other one is. DH LOVES them.

So nothing too fancy but I thought why not eat some healthy snacks tonight. Egypt is grand in their pastries I must say, in French pastries and in traditional arabic sweets as well.

Be sure to check out the rest of the kids showing and telling today....


  1. OHMYGOSH those look so good! Hopefully you will have more and more to celebrate!

  2. that looks and sounds delicious!

  3. The farfaheena looks fantastic. Something else that might help to convince my husband to go to Egypt! He was impressed with Al Azhar Park.

    I wonder if having French-speaking nations nearby like Algeria and Morocco means that Egyptians enjoy French terms and French pastries. Or could it be the brief period of French occupation of Egypt -- how many pastries could Napoleon have brought with him?

  4. ooops, I think that I am drooling!! Those millefuille looks absolutely tasty!!

  5. Wow. This all looks so good. So very, very good. I don't know where I could get a farfaheena around here, but I do know where I could track down an eclair. mmmm...

  6. I'm salivating - it all looks delic!

  7. That all looks soooooo good. I want some.

  8. Mmmmmmmmmm. Now those look good!!

    Post Thanksgiving guilt. Must stop eating.... LOL.

  9. I am soooooo out of the loop!!! First, yes those delicious things look very yummy!

    Second, didn't know you were in the midst of an IVF cycle!!! eekkkkk....SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!

    I will be sure to check back daily....even if I have time for nothing else! My thoughts & prayers are with you girl!

  10. i really, really want that farfahenna. I adore mangos. But more than that, I am happy they didn't have to aspirate any of your amazing that they just disappeared! i do wish they had been able to check first. I hope you enjoyed your deserve them!!!

  11. Yummy!!! Anything with mango and chocolates, I LOVE.

    Sorry I've been behind on my reading and was reading your previous posts. big hugs coming your way!

  12. Um, my address is... :) These look yummy! Don't suppose they ship from Egypt. ;)

    Read post below...happy everything looked okay but that is weird that they put you out to do it.

    Always love seeing a new post from you. :)



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