Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anesthesia, oh but Just for Fun....

So we go to our appointment this morning, which was at 10AM. We left at 9:30AM, would have given us enough time to make into "town" (sounds funny as there are no "towns" here, but we live in a Cairo suburb, so we call "city" Cairo town)

Anyway...we got there after 11AM. Why? Well a particular stretch of a large road we take here is having a bridge built. They needed to build this 10 years ago, ok so they are building now, thats good, but my goodness, no regulation of traffic around this construction whatsoever! Even on our way home which was after 1PM same thing, gridlock and cars not moving at all going into "town". That is Cairo driving for you, its cRaZy everywhere, always!

Okay the good part....

At the center they got me ready, stripped changed into gown and into operating room, I was talking to anestheiologist (she was a trip by the way, cool, but a trip. The nurse who brought me in told her I do not speak Arabic so speak English to me. Then when she was talking to nurse I answered her in Arabic. She was laughing saying you speak and understand Arabic, I told her I do, but not 100% and this is medical stuff and I needed to understand everything, we had a good laugh) and then my doctor comes in. I told him last night I had some that was like dis.cha.rge, he said not to worry.

I woke up in my room.

Asked my husband how long I'd been here, 10 minutes. Man I thought, that was a fast wake up out of anesthesia....

DH told me I'd only been in operating room for 10 minutes. Ok.

In walks my doctor....he tells me the cysts were gone, and he didn't do anything other than check my follicles which looked good.

Um, I don't know, would it have been possible to save me the anesthesia and some money and checked BEFORE putting me under? Of course I was too out of it to ask at that time but I will be asking Tuesday when I see him. We had to pay half of what he quoted us, thats cool, I really dont even care about the money, but it would have been nice to not have to be under sedation.

Anyway, another one to add to the TIE (This Is Egypt) list.

So after my injections at the pharmacy this evening, I treated us to some yummy stuff.
I will post a Show and Tell about it in a sure to check it out!


  1. Glad the cysts are gone! I just love your show and tells! :)

  2. Hooray for cysts being gone! I hate those pesky buggers (I get them plenty).

  3. All's well that ends well I guess. Surprised they still did the surgery after you were an hour late! Maybe Egyptians aren't such sticklers about punctuality?

  4. how bizarre! glad the cysts are gone though.

  5. Glad the cysts are gone. The office sounds bizarrely casual somehow.

  6. Well, I hope you at least got a good 20 minute nap!!

  7. How bizarre that they disappeared so quickly!! Great news at any rate!!

  8. Cassandra:
    "Maybe Egyptians aren't such sticklers about punctuality? "


    Here we have time and "Egyptian Time", if they say 1PM, it really means our minor lateness was nothing for them!

    Io: Everything is pretty casual here. Sometimes its good, sometimes its not so good. In this case, ok. But I still wish I hadn
    ;t had to take that forced nap...

  9. It's good they got to them early. Before they cause you too much pain.

    I'm on "Egyptian Time" all the time.


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