Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does it have to be the butt?

Hey a question for you IVF vets... when you stimmed you gave yourself injections in the stomach right?

Well here, i go to pharmacy to have my butt injections (sometimes DH gives to me)

Anyway I asked doctor there about this point today.

Me: Do you ever give injections in the stomach. In the US many people do it that way...

Super Nice Doctor Gal : (in arabic first, then I clarified in English) Here in Egypt we always give them here (pointing to my behind)

Me: Okay thanks...I'll talk to my doctor ( and the mighty inferts who read my blog)

Super Nice Doctor Gal: (again in Arabic) May God Give you babies this time (she remembered me frm number 5, really sweet girl)

So what is the best way to take these intra-muscular injections...any thoughts?

Reason I ask is becuase I remember how sore my butt was last time and even 2-3 months after, which I can deal with.  But also, is there any benefit to taking in stomach rather than behind?


  1. Oh man I don't remember, but I think I stemmed in my tummy, but then did progesterone in the hip.

  2. Mia did her Follistim in her inner thigh *ouch* or in the tummy.

    I'm interested in hearing the responses to this one, too.

    Wishy-wish - I hope all your wishes come true with this cycle!

  3. I did all my stims in my butt. Doc told me it was because of the extra padding I had and because he thought my ovaries would respond better. I'm a poor responder/DOR.

    always better to have someone else do them switch sides every day use ice and turn your toes in it relaxes the muscle.

  4. All 3 of my RE's have recommended stim injections in the stomach or upper thigh. In the latest binder I have from RE#3, it says that stims may be given intramuscular if patient is above 160lbs.

    The benefit of the stomach is that the injections are subcutaneous with a much smaller needle. I don't think it should effect how your body reacts at all though.

    Good luck with getting started!! Lots of luck coming your way.

  5. I don't know but I totally snicked at that last sentence.

  6. er, snickered rather.

  7. PIO and Estrace were the ones I had to give in the hiney. Heat before and after the shot, walking and stretching, and warm baths all seemed to help me. I remember how sore they make you, but it's all for a good cause! Fingers crossed for ya!

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  9. Stomach for the Lupron and trigger shot. That's the 1/2" needle. PIO in the rear(1" needle). Ouch!

  10. I guess it depends on how much and what kind of shots you are giving yourself. Anything under 1ml is generally a subcutaneous shot. If it's stims for the ovaries, I did them all in the abdomen. I figured I wanted them as close to my ovaries as I could get. For lupron and antagon, I did those in the upper thigh, again, subcutaneous. For Progesterone in Oil or anything more than 1ml, those are intramuscular shots and go in the lower butt. I only did those for HGH, but more because of the volume.

    I guess in the IVF dark ages, all the shots were intramuscular because the technology wasn't good enough to figure out how to do them subcutaneously.

    Hope this helps!

  11. I've done stomach for subcutaneous (FSH, Lupron, and sometimes HCG). For intramuscular, I've done my own thigh for HCG in the past, but then I can't walk for several days. For the upcoming progesterone in oil shots for this next cycle, it's gotta be the butt. Finally DH gets to join the injection fun.

    Good luck!


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