Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stimulation nation station wayshion

* (yes i made up "wayshion" i know, its not a real word. its 1am here and I am off to bed so you get it...)

It's official, I am stimulating! Yes I started the wonderful process of follicle stimulation, making sure i produce lots of eggs, today ladies.

So every day, for next 17 days or so I get to have two shots a day, ooh yummy.

Hoping that this time, IVF (number 6 for me) will do what it was created to do.

Stay tuned folks....

Oh and Florenzo is sick. Been to the vet 4 times so far with him. He is alot better now, thank God. He fell on something and punctured his hind leg, its taking a while to heal up and he hates for us to clean it, making healing time even slower. As most of you know he is an outdoor cat, but these days spending lots of time indoors with us. He didn't tell us what happened, so we can only guess... there is some construction going on on our street and we think maybe he fell on a piece of wood that had a nail in it, or maybe a small piece of steel pipe, anyway wound is closed now and getting better. He has been very spoiled too, more so than usual. Guess what he LOVES, smoked roasted turkey!!! He ate some lentil soup the other day and last week roasted veal, too funny our little guy!


  1. Oh Good luck!! I will be praying for you :-)

  2. First off, that picture had me in STITCHES! The eggs, not the adorable kitty cat.

    And secondly, HOORAY! I'm sending excellent stimming vibes your way!

  3. Yay! I hope none of your eggs throw up like that picture!
    Poor florenzo...I just want to nom him little sick face.

  4. Hey girlfriend. Wishing you all the best with this new cycle -- grow, grow, grow!

    p.s. love Florenzo -- what a contented looking cat -- hope he's feeling frisky soon.

  5. best of luck with your cycle, and hope your kitty feels better!

  6. Oh! I was so hopeful to see that you've started stimming. Hope you tolerate the side effects well, and I'm hoping that 6 is really a lucky number!!! We've all been thinking about you. I'll add my prayers to all the ones here.
    Love comin' atcha...


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