Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday sighs

Well you guys are so right on with your comments, about having a cat I mean. I should have known better. Thats why I haven't got pregnant in 10 plus years. But wait, Florenzo has only been around about 2 months. Something KNEW he was coming maybe, thats why no pregnancies.
Luna, I do not think cats are considered sacred anymore here in Egypt. Oh but you know what maybe their ancenstors though, like Anubis are lurking around making them cause me to not become pregnant, that could be it.
Aren't people idiots for real though? That one just killed me yesterday, and I was like WTF, what else could I say. I didn't say that to her, she is an older lady and I must be respectful, but I mean COME ON!
Hope2morrow, you know my ears are rather small actually, but I do enjoy good chocolate now and then so that could be it maybe huh?
Hey Pam, don't get one girl. Your first IVF is around the corner too, keep the cats away!!!
Christi, they probably told you but you forgot. Or maybe cause you travel alot to Denver its a non issue. Good luck girl too, how exciting.
Kym, what great names, sbut they got your socks and pregnancies I knew it, bad ass kitties.
My girl Nit, I know Q is far away, he'll be home soon, but DO NOT under any circumstances bring a cat home for company.

Hey I am posting Show and Tell tomorrow. Get your box of tissues out cause it's gonna bring tears for sure. It is an amazing true story of a friend of mine and her daugther, be sure to come back here Sunday cause you won't want to miss it.

Thinking of chicken wings for dinner. Oh did I tell you guys I found real chicken wings, the proper ones at the hypermart the other day? I had the butcher cut them, you know split in two and throwing away that little pointy part? I am so excited and thinking to fry em up tonight, we'll see. Its healthier to bake em, but no way, fried then shaken with Frank's Red Hot and Butter and Garlic YUM! If I do I will take a pic and post cause you know I'm a loser like that.


  1. WTF! Cats are great. Crazy old lady.

    Hey, I'm coming over for dinner. Me Love Hot wings and beer. I'll bring my own bottle of Franks.

    C-ya at 5.

  2. mmmmm....Frank's Red Hot sauce on chicken wings is sooo yummy! I might have to catch the next flight to Cairo! :)

    And, don't you worry I won't be getting any cats. I don't need nothing else to prevent me from getting pg!

    About the country club ~ I just can't imagine they'd allow gangstas to join! :)

  3. ohhhh, that's gotta be it! since I cycle in Denver, it's a non issue, I wish they would have mentioned it bc I did consider taking my cat with me. phew, glad you let me know... He definitely be staying at home now! ;)


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