Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally REAL Chicken Wings

Pictured above: Carrots, fake celery sticks (they are actually cucumbers), bleu cheese sauce made from scratch (just added a spoon of mayo, sour cream, a touch of milk and some pepper to some crumbled bleu cheese) and alittle extra Frank's Red Hot with butter and garlic.

Can I just say that they were SOOOOO yummy, they tasted better than I remember.

See I told you I was a Loser like that ...


  1. I can think of another word to replace loser!

    This was just cruel to post pics of those yummy lookin things!

    Hope you enjoyed! :)

  2. The fake celery is cracking me up! The chicken wings look delicious my loser friend.

  3. That looks too good. I'm on a binge of junk-food today and this one could hit the spot.

    Can I be a loser too?

  4. OMG! Those look phenomenal! Yummy!


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