Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Off to swim...

We're leaving tomorrow morning for our favorite spot in all the world... DAHAB!

As some of you know, I've posted about Dahab many times before. I so can't wait to get there.

A visit has been long overdue from us. By this time, July, we would have already been a few times since our last visit in April. I think too the delay has been the passing of our very good friend Ali in May who livedin Dahab. It will be different being there as we always used to visit him at his home, have dinner together and the place we always stay at he owns(ed). So we will visit his family, but it won't be the same....

Looking forward to swimming in Red Sea, soaking up the hot sun, loungin on the seaside, doing absolutely NOTHING!

Laptop is staying home and plan to really relax and enjoy myself. Maybe talk about IVF number 6 in the serene atmosphere and see what we come up with.

Our friends that are here from NY will go to, seperate though, doing a package deal, food, transportation, hotel all included.

Us, we drive (6 hours), stay at our favorite litle budget place and eat where and when we want. We'll meet up with them though as we are efficiandos on Dahab and must show them the place, LOL!

So I will be away for a few days. Not sure how long we will stay, we play it by ear usuallly and actually end up staying longer than we think. Hey we have the time and why not?

For now here's a few pics from the hundreds I have from previous trips. Have a great week, behave yourselves and talk soon. xoxoxoxox


  1. Looks beautiful!! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! :)

  3. Do we really have to behave ourselves?

    Have a great trip! Be well and talk soon!

  4. Ooo...it looks fantastic. Have a nice time!

  5. Will miss you ~ but have a wonderful time!!!

    Can't wait to hear about it :)

  6. Love your little slice of heaven.
    Send some of those relaxing vibes this way.

    Happy VACA!

  7. Ohhh...looks great! Of course I need a vacation so badly right now I'm sure anything would look like a dream. Have fun!

  8. Swimming in the Red Sea...how cool!!! I hope you have a relaxing trip and I can't wait to see more pics and here about it when you get back!


  9. wow! that looks amazing.

    enjoy your vacation

  10. Those pictures are just spectacular!!!

    Have a great time girl! Need I say, relax? We know what relaxing does to us, eh? *wink wink*


  11. Beautiful pictures. I hope you have a great getaway. (:

  12. Hihi,

    Are you back???

    Anyway, I am sure you had a great time!!!!

    I have something for you on my blog:

    Please do drop by when u're free!



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