Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Local stuff

So many of you have emailed and told me you love hearing about my life here. So today I decided to share two articles talking about Cairo. Also many of you have asked how I ended up here, that too is a draft in progres stay tuned, i promise to post later.

So that's what the Sphinx's behind looks like
This article talks about how the pyramids are actually located where peolple live. Its cool and shows a cool picture too. It was a surprise to me too, the first visit, even though they are lcoated in the desert, millions of people live in the same area all around the Giza Plateau.

Street Food in Cairo
This is a cool video talking about street food vendors. I am posting this as the video shows you a glimpse into crazy Cairo streets. Its sad too cause it talks about the poor here and how hard it is for them to surivive. Then they mention a man named Abu Tarek, he has a koshary restaraunt, we actually went there a few times....it is super yummy. He went from selling koshary on the street as a street vendor to a 3 story restaraunt, nice story. Anyway, the video is about 14 mins long and there is a part 2 if your interested at bottom of page. Part two mentions that due to wheat shortages here, they may start producing corn and making tortillas and tacos, LOL, i would be so happy as I miss them so.


  1. I haven't watched the video yet but that picture was pretty cool. I love the google map too. so deceiving! thanks for sharing this.

  2. Woah! That view of the Sphinx is jarring! I really didn't realize how close it was to everything.
    Mmm. Street food. Can you say delicious in any country?


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