Monday, July 14, 2008

Misc. Monday

So first off I want to thank all of you for your kind words for Annette and her daughter Aimee. Annette posted a thank you in yesterday's comments:

Hi all, this is Annette and I would like to thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Wishing4one is an amazing friend and I am really blessed to have her in my life, and now all of you. I promise to keep Wishing updated on Aimee's progress and I'll try my best to keep updated as much as possible. Again, thank you all and may God bless you today and always.

Let us hope that things improve for Aimee real soon, what a sweetie this little girl is I tell you.


My baby Florenzo is sick. Why? From what? I have no idea.

I am appealing to those you experienced in having pets and especially cats, maybe you can give me some advice or have an idea on what is wrong with him.

So here's what's up.....

Two days ago we noticed these on his left hind leg. The other side of this same leg you cannot see has one gauge like these too.

The wounds look like clean cuts as his hair is gone, but no breakage in his skin? I thought maybe he got his leg caught in something, or maybe a dog attacked him, but wouldn't his skin be broken? Remember he is an outside only cat, so God knows what could have happened. I so wish he could talk and just tell me.

In addition to his leg, which is not what has worried me so much, he is super lazy. Sleeping alot and not his usual crazy self. I will take him to a vet, have to find one first, but could he maybe have an infection?

He is better today than he was two days ago, alittle more active, but still kinda lazy. I am so scared. I cried the first night he was like this. He was just so lethargic and not responsive to our teasing- attempt to play with him.

So like I said I must find a vet now, and even when I find one, I will be scared as pets are not as common or in abundance like they are in the USA. I think i will doubt their abilities to treat Florenzo. I know there are good ones here I am sure, but still my hesistation will be present.

So tell me, what should the vet do when we see him for the first time? Like how will he test to see what is wrong with Florenzo, other than the apparent wounds on his leg?

Please send some good thoughts our way about my baby. I still cannot believe how much i love him. As i mentioned before I have never had a pet and never thought I would, but I do now and am totally in love with him.


Something very cool happened to us yesterday. We got a phone call from a very dear friend from back home in the USA. He was in Jordan, got married last week and is Cairo today for part of his honeymoon.

He is just here a few days, but we hope to be able to hook up with him.

He used to work for us back home and became a very dear friend. We wanted so much to attend his wedding last week in Jordan but couldn't make it. He mentioned before in email he may come to Egypt, so when we got his call we were so happy.

They are staying at a really cool hotel close to the pyrmaids, so it will be drive for us to get to him. Its not that it is so far, like 45 mins drive, but the trafiic in that part of Cairo, called Giza SUCKS big time. Anyway, he is worth the frustrating drive, no doubt.


  1. hope your kitty is okay. he could have just scraped it. it may be infected or maybe it just hurts a little, or maybe he had some kind of trauma and that's what he just wants to rest. he may just need some antibiotics and love? good luck with the vet. it's amazing how attached we get to those little things!

  2. Oh, your poor baby! I hate when they are sick because they can't tell us what is wrong. I know nothing about cats, but if you know something is wrong- you should take him in to the vet.
    Keep us posted. Poor, Florenzo!

    And good luck on getting to hook up with your friend. That sounds fun!

  3. I'm certain that you'll just have to wrestle some antibiotics down his throat and he'll be fine.

    A tip about "pilling" a cat? Coat the tablet in butter, wrap the cat in a blanket, pry it's mouth open and pop the pill in. THEN you hold his mouth shut while you rub down his throat (on the outside of course). That way he can't spit it out.

    Give him a smootchie for me!

  4. I hope Florenzo is ok!! One of my furbabies was sick last week and I was so worried ~ so I know how you feel.

  5. Cairo is totally on my list of places to visit - it might be hard for me to drive there though...
    Sweet Aimee. I am praying for her and her family.

    And your poor baby! it looks like some sort of infection. It's probably something common, so hopefully you can find a vet to treat it.

    I hope you get to see your friend!


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