Monday, April 28, 2008

Do you wash floors in the middle of the day?

Its the middle of the day, 3:30PM or so, you have customers, and your store space is like a long narrow corridor - would you throw water and wash the floors at this time? I wouldn't but the pharmacy I go to to get my injections does.

I was about walk to in and saw the water, i waited outside. As i was waiting, people started coming up to the door, placing their orders, LOL, and the guy washing the floor/security guard would bring them their medicines. Too funny!

You'd think I get used to things like this here, i still haven't; it keeps things amuzing I guess.

So one of the two injections I take, called Decapeptyl, given under the skin (subcutaneous) it burns like something else. The other one (intra-muscular in the bottom) is fine, a prick and then it goes away.

Anyway I don't mind once again all these pains if it will help us to have a baby.

I wanted to clarify yesterday's post it says IVF number 5. This is our second time doing egg retrieval... last time we retrieved eggs after egg stimulation we had enough healthy embryos for 4 tries at IVF. So this will be IVF number 5 transfer wise, but our second time actually retrieving eggs to fertilize. Just knew how important this was to you, LOL!

So I'm off for now, hope you have a good rest of the day....

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