Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is FIVE "5" the magic number?

Ok, so we're at it again...We decided to go ahead and try IVf number 5.

Visited our doctor today and started the first of those oh so lovely injections, and will add a second injection starting tomorrow (oh how I look forward to those needles).

Anyway, will go to my doctor May 3rd to see how my egg stimulation is going. I responded so well last time, let us hope this time is the same.

The kinda exciting thing this time is that we will try a blastocyst transfer. Instead of the traditonal IVF 2-3 day transfer, this time they will let the embryo develop even further to the blastocyst stage usually 5 days after fertilization. A really good site to read all about blastocyst transfer is here

Anyway let us hope all goes well, will start to post again and see who cares about our 5th try. :^)

We haven't told anyone, so if you know us and you're reading this, wish us luck and don't feel bad we didn't tell you, we just don't want to get anyones hopes up and prefer to tell you when, God Willing we take a positive pregnancy test.

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  1. a blastocyst? That's exciting! Thats a little life right there!


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