Wednesday, February 7, 2007

OH NO!!!

So I log onto, getting ready to load my daily 24 episode and I read this message:

Peekvid is currently in beta. We will be re-launching soon.To be one of the first to know, please enter your email below.

I HOPE they do "re-launch" soon, what will I do in the meantime? I'll be fine.... LOL


  1. I know what -

    You can get 'addicted' to another show while waiting :)

    Go to and watch the full season/episodes of Ugly Betty.

    Ok, ok, so I'm not much help:)

    It was worth the try though.


  2. Am i the last person on the planet who has not seen 24??? I think i watched the first episode when it first came out and it was good, but i couldnt keep up, you know? I'm going to try to catch on video one day. That's how i became a Lost fan.


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