Monday, March 3, 2008

Hair coloring DISASTER!!!

Howdy...don't know if anyone still reads this blog, but I know the content in posts come up in keyword searches and i HAD to post this to help others out.

So two days ago I decided to get my hair colored, I had L'Oreal Feria Bleach Blonde, number 205, and thought, yeah this will brighten me up a bit.

So I take my box of L'Oreal, go to the coiffure (hair salon, they call them coiffures here in Cairo).

I get a young girl, speaks no English AT ALL, so I did the best with my Arabic, I figured how much did she need to know, I just need her to do the coloring as I can't get it all myself.

So she does it, after 35 minutes or so, she washed my hair, I go back to the chair, and my hair is a bright yellow-orangey color! I FREAKED!!!! I cried really.

I went online IMMEDIATELY and searched "re-dye bleached hair," "orange hair after bleaching", "cover orange hair with an ash blonde" and many other keywords I thought would help me read on to fix my hair.

So i read and read and many said dye over it with an Ash Blonde and it would take out orange color. While some others advised against it, saying it would turn green.....

I bought Revlon Colorsilk, Dark Ash Blonde, number 60 here at a local hypermart (think Wal-Mart like store) last night. I thought I cannot do it myself...

So while shopping today, stopped into another "coiffure", really liked the girl, again no English, but was great! So I decided I would go back to her later.

FINALLY, the good news (sorry took so long to get to it...) my hair is almost back to my NATURAL COLOR!!!! It looks AWESOME and not a speck of orange at all!

So ladies, if you get orange hair after bleaching and your nbatural color is like a light brown, dirty blonde, do what I did, put a Dark Ash Blonde for not more than 25 minutes and you should be good to go.


Anyway, I am so happy, feeling so much better and thank God for this wonderful place called the internet!!! Gotta luv it!

Happy hair days to all....i am DONE coloring though for real!

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