Thursday, January 25, 2007

24.... oh man.

Ok, just watched this and I have to say I agree with points from all guests on Paula's show. But again, I still say its a SHOW, and if stupid people watch this and form or develop more hatred for Muslims, they are IDIOTS!!! Do we have many idiots around, unfortunatley, yes we do.

I agree also and it is SO TRUE that organizations like CAIR and others I'm sure, have INDEED condemned over and over again all forms of terrorism, but it just never gets enough airtime. If anything, this discussion will give the Muslims a chance to condemn and be heard about their objection to terror in all its terrorizing forms.

The above link is a good article and can be summed up simply by one sentence... "But after getting caught up in all the hysteria, the members of the press forgot one minuscule aspect of the conversation — "24" is just a television show."

Anyway, in the end I know it is a topic of conversation and controversial, it sure is in the States now, but for me, for now, I am still a big fan.

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