Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So I am browsing shoes online....

and I think to myself, "damn I wish I kept some credit cards from the US.” Now could I order and use a credit card from Egypt, sure I could. But would NEVER receive what I order except if it was delivered via FEDEX and even then , I would have to pay a customs fee, yes…they are CRAZY HERE, anything to make some money. (Once my father sent me a few things via FEDEX, personal things, for me, they made me pay about 300LE (= to approx. $52.00) to receive my package. ) But seriously, not like I need ANY shoes (I am a recovered former shoe addict, LOL) I have plenty, plenty, plenty. But I always love looking online as I was a BIG online shopper when I was in USA.

So a met a lady online many months ago, who lives in Egypt, a different city, but ironically is moving to my city this weekend, so we'll be neighbors. She is from abroad, has lived in Egypt for over 5 years and made it her home. She went back to her original home country a few weeks back and I thought, what a great opportunity for my family to send a few things to her, for me, since mail in Cairo is non-existent unfortunately. So what did I do, I had my mother and my father send her some things, non-important things, but important to me, as I can’t get here. So needless to say I am VERY exciting about getting those packages this weekend. I bet you want to know their contents huh? One is a bit embarrassing to mention the other very normal and funny really.

Off to finish cooking, making spinach today, Egyptian style, super yummy, haven’t made it in awhile actually, so looking forward to eating it. Maybe I will post recipe...

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