Monday, November 6, 2006

Winter is HERE!!!

Hey all, salam, well the weather has taken a TURN the last two is COLD! Cold as in 60's daytime that is nippy, nippy for us here in the desert. I have even had to close my "always open" window in the living room. I guess the benefit is less dust. It always dusty here, no matter what season, its such a fine dust too. You would have to clean everyday to be dust free really. I wonder if people with allergies have a hard time here, I bet they do.

I made Shorbaat Aads today, or Lentil Soup, we love to eat it when its cold, and to us, its COLD! Its super easy and super delicious, I will post recipe for you.

Anyway that's the exciting update for today, hope all is well in your part of the world....peace.

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  1. It's hit 29 degrees around us. And, i have to walk a mile in that weather. My coat looks like a down comforter with sleeves.

    So, what's the recipe for lentil soup? Enquiring minds wanna know.


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