Thursday, September 14, 2006 it!!

I was reading some posts online about Egypt... once again driving comes up...these two quotes from visitiors to Egypt made me laugh .... I just can't tell you enough how CRAZY and INSANE the driving is here....

"I will say one thing, do not even contemplate driving in Egypt. They make the Romans look like safe cautious drivers. "

"The advising on not driving in Egypt, is definately true. It's Nascar driving. So if you want to live, don't try it.


  1. I still think Italy and the Italians have you beat. They are NUTZO cookoo!
    BIG o

  2. Hey there, W4O, i made mashy crump. It was FABULOUS. i LOVED IT. Dh loved it too. Thanks for the recipe. I forgot to ask though, what type of parsley do you use, curly or flat leaf? I used flat leaf. I think i undercooked the cabbage initially, but that's not my fault because my mom was helping me and that's the part she did. And i think i soaked the rice too long. You said rinse, i think i soaked it instead. Ooops. But it still turned out excellent. Cant wait to make it again. Thanks for the recipe. Cabbage is one of my favorites.


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