Thursday, August 3, 2006

Cat fight

Thats what is has been sounding like for the past week, a cat fight. At night, in the morning, you hear a cat that look similar to our favorite 'Sherbert', growling away! I grabbed my camera today and snapped them in action....I just can't upload for some reason? Crazy Blogger! I will try again later....

Now my observation, not knowing ANYTHING about cats ...

1. Sherbert loves to lounge in our garden, this new cat invaded her space?
2. Heat, as in "IN"?
3. Giving each other advice?
4. Catching up on neighborhood cat-gossip?
5. Fighting, although it looks peaceful, but sounds terrible.

Do any of you have any idea what is going on here??? Just another Loser-poll for you to occupy yourself with, you love me, I know it...


  1. Since Sherbert is a male cat he is staking out his territory as you have already guessed.

    If the other cat is male they are challenging each other for the territory.

    If it is a disgusting whining noise, not sure how else to describe it, could be the second cat is a female and in heat? If that is the case, be prepared for other 'Toms' to show up...

    If you are leaving food outside for Sherbert, other cats will find out, they have a nose for food. So when you feed him, clean it up aferwards. until the next feeding...hahahaha.

    Get a spray bottle, spray the newcomer with water....make sure you use the stream not mist...if all else fails and no spray bottles available look for a water gun at a toy store? He/she will soon get the message and leave, though you may need to do it a few times. I keep my spray bottle next to the back door for extra guests.

    For sure, the racket they make is unnerving...hope this helps. You know they have requests for submissions of 'sound' entries for the public to send to NPR? You could record the little buggers....

    M M

  2. Oops, if Sherbert is female, she could be in heat.

    Or the new cat is challenging Sherbert for her territory.

    Whether male or female cats like their own space. If they are from the same litter they will share, otherwise it's pretty brutal.

    Their territory usually is limited. For example, my female cats don't go past 2 houses either direction...they may go a distance from the back yard but generally they don't wander blocks away.

    Male cats tend to wander more...they are looking for free handouts, new territory and lady friends...when female cats wander it could be because another cat took over their territory and are looking for new digs...

    Jeeze, do I sound like an old crazy cat woman or what.

    And for all you non cat lovers out there....remember the Prophet's (PBUH) kindness to all creatures...including a cat who sat by him while he prayed. It doesn't mean you gotta go out and get yourself a cat to pray beside but ya gotta practise kindness.....JAK

    M M

  3. I am kind to cats, don't love em, but am not mean to them.

    Yeah the problem is, I am not sure which is which? I dont't know if both are female, or male, or each one is opposite?

    I can only wish that my day be filled with such simplicity ... wondering which sex cats are, wouldn't be nice if life were that simple? Nah, it wouldn't be any fun then would it? xoxoxoxxoxo


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