Thursday, August 3, 2006

The cats

This was the photo I couldn't upload in last post...thanks MM for your are indeed a crazy cat woman- But a loveable one indeed.... love ya!


  1. I found out from a vet that genetically, orange tabby cats tend to be male....Go figure...males - they get the long eyelashes and gorgeous red hair....

    From this photo, with their body positions as they are, they sure look like males challenging one another.

    Get the spray bottle and try your best not to leave out any food...even those crumbs are fair game for a territory fight.

    P.S. Alhumdulillah, it's a well known fact of your kindness...I miss your smile...:)

    M M

  2. Hmm.... brings back another memory of living in Jordan. Our white and orange male cat, Orville, ended up living in our "hood" and claimed it as his territory. We did leave food out for him at times and yes, we found other cats coming around. It sounds like the other cat is attracted at the prospect of being adopted by you two but it sounds like a territorial male turf thing.

    You probably won't be able to get rid of the other cat--in fact; we found that about after a month they'll get used to each other's space although they will probably never be buddy-buddy.

    And the growling sounds? I know all about that! Orville and the other cats produced a deep grumbling sound in their throats that could vary in intensity and pitch as they warned off potential enemies.

    Oh, and as far as being in heat--if Egypt's cat mating season is anything like Jordan's, you'll find yourself blushing a lot in December and January because that's when the feral females go into heat. They are followed by many interested Toms who either persuade the female to participate or take their "right" as the brutal males they can be.

    The males call the females with a cat call that can make anyone blush. I'm not going to describe it because the calls are so embarrassing sounding that the only way I can put it is that they sound like what you'd expect to hear in a human XXX movie (DISCLAIMER--I don't watch that stuff, yuck!, LOL)

  3. Wow you girls are so knowlegeable...thanks for the info. Actually they haven't been back in our garden lately, but I can hear their 'growling' close by....


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