Thursday, July 6, 2006

Can you think of a name?

Well it was still humid when I woke up this morning, I don't think its going away anytime soon. Oh well, I'll survive i'm sure... I'll just keep sweating profusely and taking numerous showers while doing so!

Anyway, being that capital "L" that you all know I am, I am going to start a contest...yes, yes a contest. You all remember that cat that frequents our garden so often, well its come back many times, almost daily and it only seems right to give it a name. I got the most emails on its photo and have been encouraged by a certain someone to do so, so M.M. this contest is for you!

Okay the list begins with:

1. Sherbert
2. William
3. Loser ( guess who?)
4. Gertrude

So add your own name by posting a comment, here is a photo again to see this new celebrity cat here in North Cairo ( my goodness, i have indeed went off the deep end this time)


  1. Leon. As in leone (in Italian) the lion. He has a bit of a lion-like pose there.

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  3. I vote for Sherbert, my husband's favorite ice cream.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I feel so much better knowing that i'm not the only one going nuts before ivf2...not that i'm calling you nuts ;) but once you reach the ivf stage (or survive long enough) we're all a little nutty just to stay sane!

    Anyway, i was wondering, do you ever feel then, if it didnt work out so far, why would an ivf change anything? I mean, if it wasnt meant to happen, why would ivf make it so? If God didnt grant it after all this trying and hoping and wanting and crying, why would ivf trump it?

    I know there's something excruciatingly logical about what i'm saying and that life is not strictly logical, but, heck, i'm real logical that way.


    sorry about the double post, my previous comment had too many typos!

  4. My vote is for "Sherbert," as this dude looks delicious. Look at that face! He really knows how to work a camera. Feed him...feed him...feed him. And he is yours.

    With respect, I don't think IVF trumps what God Grants. Maybe IVF is one tool God gave us which works for some women to become pregnant.

    For others who do IVF and are not successful is it another test of patience... perservance... acceptance...?

    I feel uncomfortable posting on this subject as I never had this problem.
    Who am I to comment?

    But then again, as a woman, I feel all the support that needs to be given for you and others regardless of my own situation is a must.

    I can not imagine the emotional ups and downs you have gone through.

    I feel confident that you are strong in Faith and Heart.

    Where ever your path leads you I am sure you and your husband will be 'o.k.'

    Keep your heavy-duty, all weather wear, track shoes in excellent condition for your travels down this road. Every now and then your soles may tire from the loss of tread. There may be a few stones along the way, but save them, they may be jewels of wisdom after all.

    Your positive attitudes and suppport of one another are an inspiration.

    Be good.

    And post more pics of "Sherbert."

  5. The cat's name should personify what all cats are...'Useless'


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