Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 weeks, 4 days

30 weeks, 4 days today... Still completely amazing to us. We are getting so anxious to see Superbaby. What a lucky little guy he will be, I swear!

So I'm feeling good, swollen hot sexy ankles again, 200 degrees daily with humidity in Cairo and life is good. Bella Bands are doin' their thang as I have no maternity pants. I don't want to buy any here, they suck and I am getting along just fine with stretchy band pants and if I want to look like a big girl and put some real pants or jeans on, Bella is in the house.

Braxton Hicks... maybe?  So the Braxton Hicks..... it only happen twice. Both times while I was on the toliet, (sorry) but after reading some descriptions of what ladies feel when they experience Braxton Hicks contractions I am thinking thats what they were. It was like a huge feeling of pressure, not painful, but scary and very freaky! I haven't had any since though. Still get twinges and Superbaby moves when he wants, but not as much as before and I feel him in different places now. At least I feel him...

Sorry I have not been keeping up with you guys, I have not been blog reading just so busy. Getting ready to go to the States and trying to get so many things in order. The time is flying by and as I get closer, the more nervous/anxious I get.

So let me ask you.... IF I have to have a c-section, how long will my recovery be? I mean like when will I feel like getting around, not feel like it, but will be able to walk and stuff without pain. Vaginal same question. I realize everyone is different but just an idea.

Oh I am liking this stroller now. I like the fact you don't need a separate bassinet and it looks cool, has good reviews and the price is amazing! I have also been eyeing a few Quinny strollers too. I am still in complete LOVE with the Stokke Xplory, but think as I will be spending SO MUCH money I may pass. Then again, we'll see.

A quick update, I'll post again soon. I think. xoxo


  1. Cute stroller - and a much better price!

    Glad to hear all is going well - except for the heat. That's a huge pain when you're pregnant. I hope you'll be somewhere cooler when you come to the States.

    I had a c-section, and my recovery was pretty quick (not as quick as most vaginal deliveries, but not too bad). I was feeling pretty good by the 5th or 6th day, but they want you to take it pretty easy (no stairs, lifting, driving, etc.) for 2 weeks. It wasn't terrible, and I did have some weird pulling (not painful, exactly, just strange) for months afterwards - but it was like when you turn too quickly and your joints or muscles let you know about it. I hope you can get a nice, easy delivery of your choice!

  2. I like the stroller...we are looking at mcclaren. That one (yours) reminds me of bugaboo strollers.

  3. I seem to recall it took my sister a couple weeks to be recovered from her c-sections.

    I like the stroller... and the price is a lot more reasonable.

    I'm starting to get worried about Braxton Hicks... not that they've started yet, and not that I can prevent them, but I worry. It's my natural state. :)

  4. You are right that everyone is different with recovery times, but as for me with the c-birth, I was hobbling for the first 4 days, walking pretty normally by day 5-6, and out walking laps at the mall by 2 weeks (though it definitely wore me out to do so...). I was *feeling* ready to work out again at 3-ish weeks, but I waited until six weeks to be released by the doctor before getting back on the treadmill for a run.

    All that said, I am 10 weeks post partum today, and I still don't feel back to normal. However, I would wager that this is less because of the c-birth and more because I carried twins and that it just takes some time to regain muscle tone. I'm within 10 lbs of my pre-preg weight, but everything is still so floppy! My abs are so stretched out-- It's ridiculous. It'll come in time, though...

  5. If you end up with a c-section, the key to a quick recovery is getting up and walking ASAP. At about 4 days past c-section, I dragged my hubby and new baby out because I had SERIOUS cabin fever. Hope it all goes smoothly.

  6. Not too long to go now, how incredible is that?! I can't help you on the recovery question as I am in the same boat as you. It does not seem to be too bad though from what the ladies answered, even with a c-section. I like that stroller and also looked into the Quinny ones but what put me off them was the lack of storage under the stroller. Happy researching!!

  7. My recovery was quick I feel. After 3 weeks I feel like myself again and we have taken almost 2 hour walks and I feel fine afterwards.
    However I got some tears and stitches that took some time to heal, and the first week was a bit rough (sleep deprived was the worst thing, but I´m used to it now). After 6 days we started going out on walks, only though 10 minutes in the beginning and it was though then.

  8. Just wanted to leave you a big hug! you are nearly there!!

  9. I had all 3 of mine vaginally the first two I was up and walking the very next day after giving birth. With # 3 I had a tubal ligation the morning after I gave birth and I didn't walk until I was released 2 days later. After that I I tried to walk as much as possible but I would need my painkillers a few times a day in order to do so. I know it's not a c-section but it was surgery and the closest idea I can give you! I cannot wait for you to have this baby, I am on pins and needles for you!

  10. I love the's perfect. :)

    as for C-section, I was up and feeling really good about 3 days in..BUT I was also on bedrest for 3 months before, and had LOST a LOT of weight once I had the I don't know about recovery really. I had babies on Tues, Felt awesome on Thurs and on Sat when they took my staples out, I was EVEN BETTER.

    just give yourself enough time to feel good....ok?

    I know you'll be back to reading once you're all set, I'm here for you and will be here when things settle down for you my friend. I am just so happy that everything is going well..swollen ankles and all.


  11. I had a vaginal birth. Go to my June post entitiles "Two-fer" to read all the details of my birth and subsequent body changes. The birth wasn't that bad, but after was hard. It may be TMI, so be forewarned.

  12. oh wow! you're more than 30 weeks! i'm so so so happy for you. always!

    i hope the packing and getting ready goes well. try not to stress too much! you can do it!

  13. Time flies! Everyone is different when it comes to pain experienced and recovery from a c-birth (to borrow a previous commenter's term..I love it). I was able to do fine afterwards on just motrin and get to moving right away. The most painful part was getting up and down from the bed..and the hospital bed really helps with that. After about a week, there was no difficulty at all. The docs do want you to start walking within 24 hours. I probably did too much from the anxiety kicked in and I felt I had to do everything. So, if you wind up delivering that way, be sure to take advantage of that lovely bed and let many people help you!

    So happy 4 you, Wishy. You and Super S will make such awesome parents!

  14. What Kristin said. Get up and moving as asap. Sunshine was born at 10:40pm, and I was up out of bed by noon the next day. I would have been up sooner, but I had to wait for them to take the catheter out (ick) and take the pressure boots off my legs. I didn't have that much ankle/foot swelling during the pg, but right after birth ... WOW! I didn't expect that. I also took the pain meds regularly for several days. Your body will heal faster if you're not in pain. Getting out of bed was not easy, and I was uncomfortable for a while, but it wasn't really that bad at all. And my c-section itself was actually lovely. It was calm, no pain, and I was holding my sweet miracle within 5 minutes of her birth.

  15. Oh, yeah, the foot surgery I had 4 weeks later was MUCH tougher.

  16. ASA...I had two c-sections. The first was after 28 hours of labor and I was really sore from all that labor and then on top a surgery. I would say that it took about 3 weeks before I could get around but it was still painful to walk fast and I had to take it easy. By about week 5 I felt almost fine.

    With baby #2 it was a scheduled c-section and the pain/recovery certainly felt faster and easier except that the incision opened after I got back home and it took time to heal from the inside out. I wouldn't suggest an elective surgery but then again, I haven't had the "regular" experience to compare it to.

    I do suspect I have scar tissue in there now as I have pain on one side when I lie on my back or when I cough/, if you can at all avoid major surgery and possible complications, go for it!

    ASA...your friend in DXB who told you in Dec that you were going to have a baby boy...I think he will be blonde-ish, too.

  17. Julia - got embryo's8/29/10, 4:04 AM

    I can't believe I've missed it!!! I've been out of touch with you guys, but I've always thought of you. I even spoke of you the other day. I'm soooooo happy for you:):):):)

    I had a CS and was up an about pretty soon. It may have been about 2wks or so. Nursing helped my "ut" shrink fast too. Which helped.

  18. I've managed to get a Stokke Xplory 2nd hand and am pretty psyched to use it! The stroller you're looking at looks great!

    I'm having a scheduled c-section in December but I have an inkling of what I have to look forward to. My recovery from my fibrod removal surgery last December was akin to a c-section recovery. They had me up and walking within hours of surgery. It definitely made a world of difference. Sadly, they didn't let me dance for 3 months but the walking was excellent. The first two weeks were tough but it got better and better.

  19. I had a c-section. i was tooo scared something coming out of my whoo-ha. as is, when i get hard poos-poos, i get scared (lol, sorry tmi!)The first day, my knees went weak and my head was spinning but i recovered fully a month after, i think. it's all a blur now. all i remember was holding him in my arms and bawling my eyes out. you'll never forget that..the pain becomes secondary. :)

  20. Hi hon my c-sec took awhile to recover from cos of of complications, so don't worry bout that because that probs won't happen to you. I agree with Kristin. They made me shower on my own by Day 3! Superbaby will be one lucky bub, so happy for you!!

  21. just a note from the male perspective - my lady had a c-sec and recovered quite easily. She has a high pain threshold, but she was up and around in no time and had no complications. And I have to say, watching the kid get sliced right out of her belly was freaking rad.

    Although it was a planned C-sec, water broke early so think about eating light that last week or so... (so the anesthesiologist will still take you back)!

  22. You have good taste. The First Years Wave stroller is a fantastic stroller.


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