Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bargaining for my blood

I called Dr. K yesterday. I wanted to ask him about getting some blood tests (HcG and PAPP-A) right before I come in for nuhcal scan on the 26th. He told me to wait, that he will do my scan, send me to a genetic specialist who will run some blood tests and calculate my risk. Ok then perfect.

I am 37 now, I'll be 38, God Willing, when I deliver my babies sometime in the Fall so I fall into that beautiful high risk category don't I? I read that a woman giving birth at age 38 her risk factor for Down's Symdrome is 1 in 259. So what does that mean? I know it means I have a 1 out of 259 chance that my baby could have Down's, I get that. But am I looking for my risk to be lower than that after they calculate my nuchal measurements and blood tests? That I am confused on.

 It's all good though. I have decided to take things as they come and pray all will continue well. I am so glad Dr. K and I are on the same page and he is so easy to talk to and admires my self-education. Thanks Dr. Google, even though I've been dissin' you lately.

So the bargaining for my blood... A few days ago I went to a few labs here where I live to get prices and time it would take to get results for the HcG (I knew that would be just a few hours and not expensive) and the PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein A) which i did know how long results would take nor how much it cost.

The first lab I went to, the one I have used for all my betas, gave me their price and said it would take 4 days for PAPP-A results. The second lab gave me their price and said it would take 3 days for the results. This second lab would have cost me less for both tests than my usual lab who's price for just the PAPP-A was more.

Anyway turns out I won't need to go to either now, but I thought it was funny as the second lab I got her to go down for total costs, LOL. Not only can you bargain for fruits and vegetables here but blood tests too. Love it.

So I have been doing alot of reading about what is looked at and measured in this nuchal scan. I think I have a very good understanding of what we should see and some typical numbers or measurements that are good. I am so excited and a bit nervous for the 26th, and it can't get here fast enough.

A question on the triple test, this should be done around 16 weeks, is that right? So blood tests for the upcoming nuchal scan should be HcG and PAPP-A right? Anything else?


  1. I can only speak of the quad screen, which is what I had - not sure how that relates to your blood test series, but I would guess it's similar. What they do is measure the levels of the particular markers in your blood, and then calculate your risk of having a baby with a particular problem. They then use the ultrasound measurements as an additional guide. What they will do is give you an estimate of whether you fall into the more probable to have issues, average, or less likely to have issues category. Generally, they will then use that as a guide to determine whether or not you need an amniocentesis.

    I was 37 when I had my daughter, and I had the quad screen of a 30 year old (or so they told me).

  2. Honestly, I refused the triple test and the amnio. I didn't care that I was over 35. I figured and life altering disabilities would show up on an ultrasound and that still gave us plenty of time to get use to it. I can completely understand your wanting all the tests but I just have no advice because I had none of them

  3. In terms of the odds, 1 in 259 are the odds for the average woman your age. Once you've had the tests, the odds either go up or down depending on the results, hopefully the number becomes much bigger than 259. Ultimately those numbers are less meaningful than the simple yes or no that you're trying to get to.

    The triple test isn't very helpful with twins. My OB did it anyway, since it's just a blood draw, but really it doesn't tell you much at all since if there's a problem with one baby, the other baby's numbers will probably mask it or sometimes the combined numbers look problematic when really they're fine.

  4. Just popping in to say Hi. I have been reading up as much as I can. The fundraiser is over and now I can get back to a life!

  5. Hi sweetie, thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I don't know much about this topic as I never had this kind of testing but am crossing fingers for the 26th! LOL I love that you can bargain everything in Cairo!


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