Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Mad Limerick for 2010

Lori at Weebles Wobblog brings us the Limerick Chick Contest for 2010

This is the first time I have participated, check out my skillz.... and I mentioned not one blogger, but THREE yo!

Oh and VOTE FOR ME by clicking the button at the end of this post and at the top right of my blog page. VOTING BEGINS AFTER MARCH 2ND, DON'T FORGET!

I live in the land of pharaohs
where baby makin's been dry as scarecrows

Been sayin' is 2010 my year yet?
And saying over and over again Are We there Yet?

Hey I'm Trying not to scream
but damn i'm an Anxious Mummy indeed!

Enter by March 1.

Vote after March 2.



  1. Hey, that's so cool!!! :) I'm so excited to be part of your limerick!!!!

  2. And, I just scanned through some of your backstory -- YAY for the two sacs and great betas!!!

  3. Cool Limerick!

    Hey Wishing4One, you are on your Way2Two!

    Congratulations, and All the very best!

  4. I just saw your great news. HUGE congrats! Best of luck with the pregnancy.

  5. So Cute. I'll vote for you.

  6. How fun!!! Thanks for including our blog in your limerick!

  7. An excellent limerick indeed.

  8. So glad you're representing Egypt!

  9. excellent limerick. That is cool that you are in Egypt. I have always wanted to go there. congrats on the BFP, that is awesome. Maybe if I don't win the contest you will :)


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