Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Basketballs and books

I'm all triggered and ready for egg excavation retrieval tomorrow morning.

This time around I feel like I am carrying 8 basketballs across my abdomen, like my ovaries are competing in the olympics and taking home the Gold for weight lifting.

I am eating like a freak too, always hungry. I'll eat dinner for example and feel like I could eat right away again. (Though I do not look like I am carrying twins as nice RN girl thought the other day.)

You know when you've been at this for as long as we have, you get it. Well sometimes, ok not always. Ok not ever really, but you are somewhat prepared on dealing with each result after the 2ww, as hard and shitty as it may turn out sometimes.

Seriously, this time I am prepared either way as usual, but of course leaning towards wanting to celebrate 2010 as the year of the IVF baby. Anyway this is THE cycle guys lets just keep that feeling for now.

So Super S and I went to the Cairo International Book Fair. Every year we say we will go, never made it so we went yesterday.

Its been in existence since 1969 I think I read. It is also said to be the largest and oldest book exhibition in the region.

So many many many books, on every topic imaginable. Mostly Arabic books but I did manage to find some American, German and British vendors. Super S bought two books he's been looking for for along time, so that was cool.

While I was browsing one publishers venue I saw a J.D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye, shoved behind some books and just barely sticking out. I immediately thought of Mel and her post the other day. I picked up the book, dusted it off, put it on the front top shelf, in a place by itself, standing alone, wondering if anyone would pick it up that day.

Here's some pics from the Exhibition.... These are just from one hall, there were many halls spread out over the convention center.


  1. Hope the retrieval goes well - good luck - will be thinking of you!

    The book fair looks fabulous! I love books. I could spend hours browsing books.

  2. Yeah, the year of the baby! I hope your retrieval is nice and easy - and that those ovaries really are taking home the Gold!

    Now, that's a book fair! That looks awesome, but I don't know if I'd ever want to leave.

  3. Hoping and praying the retrieval is smooth and the results are fabulous.

    I would seriously be in heaven surrounded by that many books.

  4. thinking good thoughts for you and your ovaries!

  5. Good luck with your ER! Hope you get perfect eggies!

  6. Good luck tomorrow. I have never seen a book fair that big, how look are you to have something like that in Cairo.

  7. Thinking of you, I'm triggered too and ready to go, my Ec is at 9am tomorrow morning (London time!) wishing you all the best, Fran

  8. I´m thinking of you, and hope all the best for the retrieval tomorrow.

  9. Hope it all goes (went?) very well indeed

  10. Good luck tomorrow!

  11. Hope you have a smooth retrieval and a sticky BFP at the end of this cycle! Those pics of the book fair are awesome-hope I get to go there one day in person!
    Thanks for visiting my blog-let's chant together, "This is our year. This is our year." LOL
    Good thoughts and positive vibes coming your way!

  12. I hope your basketballs serve you well.

    The ads in your sidebar are for a Salinger t-shirt and treatment for compulsive eating! LOL!

  13. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, hope that retrieval goes splendidly!
    The book fair looks amazing...I LOVE books!

  14. Good luck! Hope everything goes well.

  15. I dig book fairs!!!

    Am sending you tons of good luck for your ER....many eggs, several embryos, and rainbow baby(s)...all of that!!!

  16. i'm sure you're already recovering, but i've been thinking about you! can't wait to hear how many eggies your basketballs produced! rest up and get ready for a cozy, comfy transfer! xoxo, this is our year! IVF babies all the way!


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