Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spotlight? On who?

Well i am very surprised proud to announce that I, you read right, yes me Wishing4One am the spotlight blog this month on the trakkrz infertilty page.

I am their first spotlight for the Infertility category and I am honored man!

Who would have thought anyone, let alone this great new site trakkrz, would spotlight the Wishy?

I guess my reproductive failures coupled with my "super fun life" in Cairo, Egypt is worth something after all, LOL!

Anyway check em out as they feature alot of blogs from the IF community and blogs on just about subject you can think of conveniently listed alphabetically.

If you're not listed there (i know alot of you are already) go ahead and get listed as its a fast, fun growing resource. And who wouldn't be cool, spelling trakkrz they way they do!

I promise to get back to my regular fun-filled posts you all loathe crave soon. Got a few things going one here, not infertility related and i will share with you soon. Have a great Wednesday! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

* EDIT* You may noticed some ads on my site now, I thought I would never ad ads, but momma needs some money even if its cents per click! I am even thinking of offering LOW monthly ads for people to place if they want. IVF hits the kitty hard man! 


  1. My Aunt adopted two boys in the days before invitro. After about 8 years went by she gave birth to two daughters. My sister had endmetriosis and one ovary and one falopian tube removed we think on different sides. She gave birth to adaughter. She had accupuncture and took chinese herbs and we did healing meditations with her. (Oops I got pregnant too with my last :) Were were going to rad prayers for my daughter but her husband had to be out of town for a week so we began them for someone else. I read them while staying in her home for several weeks. by the time we were ready to begin hers She had concieved. Miracles happen. Focus on the fact that you've been a mother multiple times if only for precious hours. Meditate on the soul you would like to share your life with. Be open to every possibility of entry in sharing your life with that soul.

  2. Loved seeing you in the spotlight...very cool.

  3. Well done. Communities are a real box of all sorts aren't they?

    Where would we be without them.

  4. WOOOHOOO!!!! Good for you! Your blog rocks, you totally deserve to be in the spotlight!

  5. Congrats! You deserve to be spotlighted.

  6. Congrats for being in the spotlight :-).

  7. Hi Wishing4One! We are proud to have such an active member in our community and congrats for being the 1st spotlighted blog in your topic ;) keep on trakking!


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