Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Immune Testing for next IVF

So my clinic does not do immune testing, but will treat it and do so regularly. I know weird. But then again all testing is done in labs outside premises of clinics and doctors offices usually. The doctor writes you a prescription for lab work requested, you take to lab and then bring results back to doctor.

You can also walk into any lab, pay and get tested for anything, no prescription needed. Same for medicines, go into pharmacy, pay and you are on your way. Only exception to this is some narcotics.

So i found a lab that will do the following immune tests for me:

1. APA
2. ANA
3. Thrombophilia Panel
4. ATA
5. Possibly an NK cell assay (on this one the lab wrote down test description as "Immunophenotyping CD56" Is this even a test that would show elevation or not in my NK cells?)

So my question is are these sufficient as a start to look at? Are there any other tests that I should absolutely do with these?

Also, if anyone knows about the NK test I described above, is this what I want or not?

I know some of you have experience with this immune testing and any advice would be greatly appreciated. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. I don't have any experience with immune testing, but I'm sure you'll find all the info you need from someone around here. Good luck! I'll be following along...

  2. I'm sorry that I can't offer any info, as I haven't done any of them. I have to say I'm intrigued by the idea that you can just walk into a lab and ask for them to test for whatever you want them to.


  3. I have nada - I'll submit to LFCA to see if anyone can help!
    I like the idea of being able to go get tested for whatever I want. The secret hypocondriac in me would spend a lot of money testing for random things I don't have.

  4. It sounds like you have it covered. One thing to look for with the Thrombophilia panel in addition to t he normal things is a shortened pTT time. That was the only issue I had yet I needed lovenox to carry my last child to term.

  5. . Apa
    3. Thrombophilia Panel
    4. ATA
    5. Possibly an NK cell assay

    What about ANC?

    What are these others?

  6. Wishy, why don't you send an email to LFCA so Mel can post this question to the entire IF community? I bet you'd get a lot of advice from that. I wish I knew, but I'm clueless. I'm hoping you get the advice you need.

  7. Some of my testing was done at a local laboratory, and (I think) included most of your list. When I went to the specialist, they did additional testing through Millenova Laboratories (in Chicago), which has a listing of the types of testing they do for particular issues. I hope this helps.

  8. Via ICLW and LFCA

    Right now I can think of a few and I *promise* I will get back to you later to try to answer your CD56 question.

    You also need:
    ACA (anti-cardiolipin antibody)
    Thyroid profile -TSH, T3, T4, reverse T3
    thyroid antibodies - antithyroglobulin antibody (ATA) and anti-thryoperoxidase (anti-TPO)
    I would recommend an endometrial biopsy to look for NK cells in the uterus (uNK)
    anti-ovarian antibody
    Toxic B cell ratios (this has a proper name, can't think of it atm)
    anti-TNF alpha
    Th1:Th2 ratio

    Try this link as a starting point.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Hi Wishing,

    I am back after consulting my vast library of immunology resources :)

    I think that you are referring to the test known as a reproductive immunophenotype and yes, it can tell you if you have elevated CD56 NK cells (among others). BUT it is possible to have normal results NK blood tests and still have elevated NK cells in the uterus.

    The link that I posted before has a bit about the test and if you look for Dr Beer's website (Alan E Beer Centre for Reproductive Immunology) I think they have more about it there too. I also recommend his book, "Is your body baby friendly?" if you want to learn about RI.

    All the best, hope this helps.


  10. Andie, i tried to contact you but your profile not enabled? Anyway I hope you read this and send me an email if you can. Many thanks again.

  11. Hi Wishing,
    Sorry about that, I only just discovered it! I have fixed it. You can email me at conceivablefuture at gmail dot com.

    My blog is at


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