Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change of address and a cigarette

Today Super S and I went to change the address on his ID. He did not update it since we moved into our house.

The office, police station actually (thats where you do this) was quiet, not too many people and it went rather smooth.

The guy at the window was smoking, no surprise, it's common. Strange smoking on the job I know, but extremely common.

The surprising thing was as we were standing to side of the walk-up window filling out the needed form, the guy just threw the cigarette out his window, into the waiting area where we were. It just flew by us.... very cool.


  1. LOL Oh my gosh...I can't even imagine!!

  2. That's so funny! I love it!

  3. LMFAO, that's how all of Europe used to be not too long ago :-)

  4. Was the waiting area outside? I am so baffled by this!

  5. WOW, you can smoke AND litter there!LOL

  6. This could have happened here. However I have to say I was impressed by the police who told someone for smoking in the airport today - never seen that before! Also there's an award waiting for you on my blog! xx


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