Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dinner for 10 plus

Tomorrow, well later today actually (its almost 3am here) we are having a house full for dinner. Its all Super S's family so it will be fun!

This is the first time in a long time that we will have so many people over to eat at once. We do it every once in awhile, but prefer to invite Super S's HUGE family each on their own day. What makes the family so huge in addition to his now only two remaining brothers and three sisters are their children and their kids.  Anyway its fun and I love doing it. I am making mostly Egyptian food with a few twists.

They call a big dinner/gathering like this during Ramadan an "ozuma". So i got a big ozuma tomorrow man!

I made a few of the dishes tonight as they taste better when they sit and will make the rest and the meats and chicken tomorrow.

Here's the menu, what do you think? Enough, LOL!!!

- Roast baby chickens with vegetables
- Okra tomatoe stew with meat (really its awesome, i never thought I'd eat okra!)
- Beef with mushroom sauce
- Traditional roast beef
- Goulash (baked filo dough with ground beef center)
- Sauteed fresh green beans
- Jasmine Rice
- Moulekheya (green chopped vegetable- garlicy soup like dish, its very Egyptian)
- Lesan Asfoor Soup (orzo pasta browned and cooked in beef or chicken broth)
- Green mixed salad
- Various small plates of mezza (salads) Tahina, Hommos, Yogurt, pickles etc.

Pray for me..... kidding. It'll be fine and fun.

What could be better for me than seeing so many super adorable crazy little kids....I'm sure I'll tear up after they leave, but tears of happiness for them and their wonderful families and tears for me for wanting so much a family with kids too. I always do this, its positive though really. I feel so happy to be around Super S's family and all the kids.

Its a trip cause Super S's nieces are so young, well younger than me and some have 3 kids or more. God Bless em man. Anyway I am off and will let you know how it goes.


  1. Good luck with dinner and have a great time. I would love your recipe's for the goulash and the Moulekhiya, they, and everything else sounds wonderful.

  2. I never heard that term for a big Ramadan gathering. Very cool :) Your menu sounds so rich! I'm having an iftaar on Saturday and its going to be very very simple, but its not for family :) Have fun!

  3. Um. YUM! You have just succeeded in making me hungry even though I just ate the largest dinner EVER. :-) Have fun!

  4. I'll take the okra with meat...the jasmime rice and the chicken...sounds good. Have fun with all the family, sounds wonderful.

    Sending lots and lots of baby dust your way.

  5. Ooooh, can I drop in for dinner if I'm in the neighborhood? That menu sounds divine.

  6. Scouring the internet for your home address...:-)

    It would be a huge effort to do the dinner for such a large gathering...hope everything goes well.

  7. Okay, your menu sounds AWESOME!! We make Goulash but it is totally different than what you described. I love reading about food...feel free to share recipes. :)

  8. Hope you had a great ozuma!

  9. good grief, what's your address? I'm coming over for some yummy food. That sounds amazing.


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