Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just another Friday night in Cairo

Oh yeah. Big fun tonight.

A great Friday night in Ramadan, humid as hell but just lovely otherwise.

Just came back from a walk to the souk. (Yes its after midnight now, you'd never know it by all the people out, Cairenes love the night and not only in Ramadan, me too actually) I am soaking wet as if I took a shower and my head pounding and I have thoughts of "choice" words as I remember all the craZy youth 25 and under gathered EVERYWHERE here in this beautiful little compound where we live. I love young people, don't get me wrong, but they hang out waaay too much with what it seems like to do.

They ride ATC's like we're on a beach, motorbikes like they're at a track and it just gets alittle crazy. Throw in Ramadan and the night here is NUTS man. Its beautiful for some, night prayers, family gatherings, but the kids seem to increase in the streets and again are not doing anything constructive. I'm not saying don't hang out a few nights a week,  go ahead. But its everynight. Not only in Ramadan either.

Its funny sad to hear F bombs and other choice English words being dropped by kids walking down my street. Who would of thought, here in Egypt? Yes ma'am. Where we live a big majority of expats and Egyptians who lived abroad in the USA or Europe live here.

But I see these kids here, where I live, act so much differently than kids in "greater" Cairo, and not in a good way. Again not all, of course- but alot.

Youth are youth I guess where ever you live, but I had hopes for some reason that kids would be better here. Don't ask me why.....

Now I don't want to paint this ghetto picture, because thats not what it is, at all. Its an extremely beautiful place, where alot of, not all, kids just seem not to know what to do with themselves. They seem like they need some direction, something fun to do. We do have a club here, most people belong to it, they could go play soccer, play paintball, pool, run track, swim... but oh wait, thats not cool right?

Anyway, just made an Egyptian mimosa- orange juice, 7-up and hibiscus juice, nice and refreshing. I'll finish up and then get to bed...breakfast before fasting is around 4am!


  1. Ooooh...the Egyptian Mimosa sounds so good.

  2. That mimosa sounds incredible!

    I always am saddened when I hear anyone, but especially young people, dropping F bombs left and right. It just lowers them in my opinion, and makes them sound common and unintelligent.

    Don't get me wrong, I have been known to use four letter words from time to time... but when it's become an unconcious part of someone's everyday dialogue... that's just too bad.

  3. hope fasting is going well for you.

  4. Sounds so nice! I love reading this vignettes. We plan to visit Egypt someday soon. So you are Muslim? Ramadan Kareem :)


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