Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cat Breakaway Collars Really Work

What a way to start out my day. Its just after 6:00 am here in Cairo.

I woke up and let Florenzo inside. He ate, lounged around a bit and then I didn't see him for awhile.

I was on the second floor and heard his bell jingling alot, like he was running. But running where?

I ran downtairs calling him and still heard his frantic bell. I ran upstairs, passed second floor as I knew he was not there and when i got to third floor, there he was with his head and his collar caught in the stair railings. I bent down to release his collar but just before I did he let out a squeal and the breakaway collar snapped right off.

See that little piece to the left, it snapped right off.

Needless to say I was frantic and am still a bit shaken up, that little man really gave me a scare.

So cat breakaway collars do what they say, they will not allow your cat to be choked, and do release if they get caught on something. Brilliant invention man, brilliant!

Just 7 hours or so until beta...


  1. YAY for breakaway collars. I'm glad he's safe and no worse for the wear.
    EEK! 7 hours!!!! Sending you TONS of good juju and love!

  2. I've been anxious all day. I know you're in another time zone, so yeah! Hooray!

  3. Collars are a horror! I once lost a puppy of 5 months due to a collar....
    good all went well finally nd wish you lots of luck for the hours to come.
    •~♥~• •~♥~•
    Love from Europe

  4. am up early, waiting for news. the smoke detector went off randomly at 4 a.m. and woke chipmunk and i up (G is out of town).

  5. Thinking if you!!!!!!!!

  6. I said a prayer for you!

    I am sure your anxiety must be through the roof for you!

    Hoping and Praying!



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