Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still waiting

Well its after midnight here early Wednesday morning.

The lab did not call today and I was out all day and didn't call them, so we'll see, maybe tomorrow?

LOL, love it.


  1. Good gawsh. What's the deelio with that?

  2. So crazy! I really hope tomorrow is the day!!

    I totally missed that your last 2 posts said "PM". How nuts to get ahold of your doctor at that time of night. (-;

  3. Dude. I want to kill the lab. I hate that you're waiting!

  4. Somebody over there is clearly into torturing people. I hope you get the results soon!

  5. Good grief, I bet you're just antsy. I would be! Maybe tomorrow? Like the signs at the Joe's Crab Shack restaurants say: "Free Crab Tomorrow". So: "Results tomorrow!"



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