Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time, no big deal

I called my doctor at 7PM, he said he had not yet spoke with embryologist, but to give him a half hour and he'd call back.

It is now 9:50PM, no call!

I will not call back as BAD as I want to, I will wait and see if he calls later. I say later as he works in his office seeing patients until 11PM.

( here in Egypt they have strange, but convenient i guess, working hours. Example, my doctor works from 1-3pm and 7-11pm)

( Also here, they practise the concept of "malesh" meaning loosely "don't worry, or "I'm sorry", so punctuality and a "I'll get back to you" means you could hear from them in a few days, LOL!)

So hope he calls and we get some good news, I'll keep you posted.

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