Saturday, May 3, 2008

Six and Four

So we know that as of today my right ovary has 6 follicles and my left has 4! I will continue the injections and see doctor again on Monday for another ultrasound.

On a very sad note, Thursday a tourist bus crashed and caught on fire, 9 people died and alot injured...and yesterday we drove past this crash site and saw it with our own eyes, very very sad. The bus was just destroyed as you can see in the pictures form link above.

We were in the area (about 4 hours from us in Cairo) while driving to see family of a very good friend who died last Wednesday. He was a very dear friend from Dahab,we'd know him just two years but our friendship was as if we'd known him forever. Rest in piece dear Ali, we love you!

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  1. crossing my fingers for you. I cant wait to hear great news. Im sorry about that accident. Being a traveler, I have seen my share. This is why im so stuck on carseats and seatbelts. My husband actually held a child as he died on his arms in the middle of the road...


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