Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I have declared the next three days, CHOCOLATE RULES DAYS

Too much time on my hands indeedy! But hey, why not, we all love it! The recipes I will post to follow I have not yet tried, plan to, but maybe you have or will and if so, post comments to let us know how good they were. I will post two each day until Friday (Cairo time). I will get these from the internet, mainly , and .

Also, a question, what is the best "thing" you have ever eaten, that had some type of chocolate in it? Post your best in comments....

My number one is a chocolate torte with a chocolate ganache glaze from Trader Joe's ( It was a handmade delicacy made in France, i can't even tell you how amazing it was! I ALWAYS use to serve it when I had guests and it was so rich, and so I wish I could have one right now. (no Trader Joes in Cairo...)

My second best was a chcolate gateaux I had here in Cairo from a place called Sweet Centre. Small enough, yet more than enough for one, also with a ganache type glaze. The chocolate is this gateaux is SO GOOD it should be the eighth wonder of the world really.

Anyway, lets have some fun with this, lighten our moods and do something important, talk about and eat more chocolate!!!!


  1. the best thing chocolate i ever ate was a chocolate stuffed croissant.

  2. Oh, i cant have a single best! It changes over time. i really like chocolate frosting on anything. Speaking of which, trader joe's ganache--is that the same thing as their chocolate frosting? Their chocolate frosting is excellent. All natural ingredients and better than dunkin heinz! I also love chocolate mousse. Cadbury chocolates are good too (the real stuff!). But if stranded on a dessert island with only one chocolate pick, i'd pick chocolate cake.


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