Saturday, October 21, 2006

bloggin has resumed

Hey all, happy almost end of October and happy almost end of Ramadan too! The end of this wonderful month of fasting is almost over. Last day of Ramadan here in Cairo should be on Monday maybe, we will know Sunday night after Ishaa prayer depending on if they see the new moon. (Lunar based calendar is used in Islamic year)

My mom left this morning, boo hoo, and I miss her so already. I think she enjoyed it here, with all its craziness, Cairo, it is still one of the "top places people want to visit" list indeed. We did have fun, a jam-packed 20 days or so, tried to do something everyday.

I just tried to post some pics of some of our adventures while my Mom was visiting, didn't upload for some reason, I will try again tomorrow.

Oh I have new recipes and pics to post, woo hoo! Will do so real soon. I was trying to be creative in my cooking this Ramadan and will share some really good recipes with those of you who are interested. I am thinking too, of starting a food blog, just recipes and maybe some pics if I took, of some dishes I make. Interested, let me know and will update you if and when i create.

Just wanted to let you all know I am back and will be regular again. (LOL wish I didn't have to say that, "regular" now, but I do, oh well. Get it???)

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  1. Welcome back! I would love to read your food blog. Post away.

    And happy holidays!


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