Monday, July 30, 2012

Characteristics of a Superbaby

I wanted to share with you some funny and unique things about Superbaby. He is a trip man and I will look back at this and laugh, so will he I think. He is beyond amazing and so much fun. Each day he is different and I so look forward to the days ahead. Have I told you yet that we are in complete love with him? Just a little bit....

1. His favorite number is 8. This is the number he says when you ask him "What is your favorite number?" He says "cinco, seis and ocho" too. (Thanks Dora)

2. His favorite food is moulekheya. A purely Egyptian food. He loves it! Its kinda of like a slimy spinach soup type dish. Yeah slimy. I know, but it is so good!

3. He hates for his hands to be dirty or have anything on them. Thanks to me always wiping him, he now holds his hands up whenever he gets anything on them. I really love this. I sometimes have to tell him go ahead and eat I will wipe your hands after.

4. He calls BF "madoo". Don't know where he got this word, but he is a "madoo-er", man oh man is he ever. I have started telling him I am sending the madoo on an airplane soon and that he's a big boy and he will have to drink milk and juice when the madoo goes bye bye. Juice he drinks alittle occassionally but milk, not at all. So when you ask him what will he drink when the madoo goes bye bye, he says milk, and juice. I hope he will.

5. Favorite snack foods- pretzels, apples and raisins. He's a good eater but not quantity wise. He eats too little I think maybe. But he's healthy and thats all that matters to me. His build will be like his Dad, tall and slender. Not an ounce of fat on him and Super S is the same.

6. He has a funny walk he does when you ask him to do your funny walk. He started this walk just around the time he turned one. He sticks his hips forward and leans back alittle, its hillarious!

7. He hates baths. Those of you who have been reading awhile, yes he still hates em. Likes water though, just not baths. I bathe him in the sink still but he will go in his pool, in the Red Sea, go figure.

8. Loves Crocs! He has way too many shoes (taking after me) but these days its Crocs and maybe his Keen's but nothing else.

9. He always wears pants. Wore shorts just a few times. Again I have alot of super cute shorts for him, but he's not into shorts I guess. Even inside, now in summer, it's always pants.

10. Dora the Explorer is the love of his life, after me of course. Loves, loves loves Dora and Boots. He would watch all day long if I let him. He has has learned alot from her though I must admit. He was on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kick for awhile, now its Dora. I download and he watches on his little player. Does not like any of the kids movies. Seems he only enjoys shows that he can learn from. Maybe due to interaction in the learning type shows?  Whatever the reason its great.

11. He has still never slept in his bed, not once. Sleeps with us. I plan to move him to his bed after I wean him.

12. His drink of choice is water. Loves it and says "awaa" for water.

13. He has alittle walk he does, galloping like a horse kind of, its really cute.

14. Loves music. Dances all the time. Even to commercial jingles!

15. Loves saying "hey" and then waits for you to answer back "hey".

16. Has started saying "Thank You" real fast which sounds like "tee tee" whenever you give him something- too cute!

17. He used to tell me when he had poop. Now he hides it, HATES being changed and HATES getting dressed. Its an ordeal everyday. I thought he may be ready to try potty training again, (we tried very briefly a few months back) but it seems maybe not? Anyway I plan to start trying again soon. I can just see him still in diapers and BF'ing when he's ready to start school. So kidding! 

18. Loves reading. Knows all his animals, some colors, some numbers and is beginning to learn opposites now. Can say "happy" and make face and "sad" and makes the funniest face! Sometimes he just blurts out "happy" during the day. I ask him "are you happy?" His says "uhmm" which is his yes.

19. He says "careful" alot. Probably due to the fact that I say it to him 100 plus times daily.

20. He loves to pick pictures of food from books and eat them. He acts like he's chewing them and says "eat" and then "hmmm" like they are so good.

So many, many more things but these are just a few to share with you what a funny and smart little man we have here. We'll keep him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

21 months later

Hey. Hi. Miss me? I've missed blogging so much but really have literally not had the time, nor energy to log on to write anything. Sucks I know, and many new Moms who blog fall into this problem, but I wanted so not to be one of them. Oh well.

All is good here in the land of the Pharaohs. Yup still in Cairo. Been back to the States since I last checked in, did major shopping and we're back. I will have to share
the story of how Superbaby did on the LONG flight, man I was so nervous, was way over prepared and for nothing. This boy is a travelin' little man I tell you, sooooo good!

Superbaby is beyond amazing, super, super smart and so much fun. Still breastfeeding like a champ. Plan to wean by October, he'll be two then, God Willing. But it will be hell impossible hard to break him. I haven't started anything yet, no cutting down, no skipping feedings, changing BF times nada. I know I will have to start soon and have been reading lots of different ideas from BF moms. This will be fun.

He is talking alot, understands everything and putting two and three words together now. He walks up and down our stairs alone, if we don't catch him that is, which we ALWAYS do, but is really showing his independent little self. His sense of humor is amazing and he is awesome with other kids. He is so loving and continues to inspire us every day.

You know since Superbaby was born, he has not been one day without me. Not once. I have not had alot of breaks, Super S is awesome with him and does give me the occassional break, but man he is stuck to me. He is definitely Mommy's boy and I love it! I am fortunate and grateful that I am not working and can be with him all the time. I can't imagine it any other way.

I am thinking about trying him in a preschool here when he's three maybe. He really is smart and does well around other kids when we are at the playground and out and about so it may be good for him. We'll see how things go in a year or so. Then the task of finding a good English speaking school begins. There are MANY here but which one, I guess when the time comes I will be visiting alot of them.

Egypt, oh Egypt. We have a new president now, as I'm sure most of you know. He does not seem to be a fanatic like some Western media outlets are portraying him, rather he seems to very humble and reasonable. He has promised lots of change and I think he will really try to implement it. Problem is I think it will take decades for alot of change to be seen. Many people here possess a certain mindset that will be very hard to break. I will not go into detail, cause well its boring really, but suffice to say the people here lived under extreme corruption and craziness for so long, they need to un-learn alot of ways/things. Just my opinion.

So, the plan is to start blogging again. I miss it. Main thing is I love that I can share our miracle with so many people.

Peace and love.

I have two wonders of the world here where I live...

Friday, January 20, 2012

15 months have passed

Superbaby will be 15 months old in a few days and I can't believe it.

No apologies for not posting for a few months, I have no excuse other than this crazy active little boy taking ALL my time. I am enjoying every single moment too.

We are now in Dahab our favorite place on the Red Sea. Been here a week now and looks like we will stay another. This time we are in a beautiful chalet right on the water. Two bedrooms, a living roon, open kitchen lots of room for Superbaby to run around. We wake up to the Red Sea waves crashing and the view out the window is amazing. Superbaby is crazy happy and enjoying himself so much.

I think this boy will have all his teeth before he's two. The upper and lower canines are coming in now and he'll only have 4 more to go the top and bottom secomd molars, to have his full 20! He was very early with teeth though and teething now is not bad like it was for him earlier on thank God.

Still breastfeeding. He loves the noms noms man. I cannot imagine him weaning himself and am scared shitless as to how I will wean him. I know it may/can change but as of now I am thinking he would nurse forever.

He is a little guy now, very slender. He fits alot of pants that are less than his age which is cool because I have alot and they will last him longer I guess.

Superbaby loves music and dances his little ass off man. He adores Pink Floyd and Flamenco the most thanks to Super S. But any music really he hears he gets down wherever we are.

I miss reading my blog list though. I think some people had babies and are pregnant and I just wish I could find out more and congratulate. If you are of them consider yourself hugged. If you are still waiting an even bigger hug I'm sending to you.

Let's see when I check next time, who knows...

Love and peace.


Here in Dahab a few days ago...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost a year old

Man am i bad, I have not been here since August! I always said I was going to maintain this blog after Superbaby arrived, and I did for awhile, but as you see I slacked big time. I will post as often as I can get around to and will not delete or dis this blog completely, ever. Thats a promise.

So Superbaby will turn a year old next week and um, where did the time go? He is soooo amazing man, no words can describe how unbelievable he is. He started walking yesterday, it was so cool and I got those first on steps on video believe it or not. 

He is so beautiful, I mean really beautiful. I look at him and think of all the time, money, tears, sadness and failure we endured and am so grateful that we stuck it out and he came to us. It was all beyond worth it, every single second man.

Superbaby has 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom with a possible additional two coming in on bottom I think. He understands so much. I mean things I have not repeatedly went over with him, he knows. Like yesterday I asked him to put the car on top of the box, he did it. So the concept of on top he got! Alot of little things like that, things I think he doesn't know or will understand, he does. He knows and points to where are your ears, tummy, opens his mouth for teeth, knows our names, the moon, chair, places in the house, his toys... I could go on and on. It's so cool, its like he's becoming a little boy, I mean a real big little boy LOL!

His personality is so cute. I mean this boy is going to be funny and sweet. He is a character already and I can see him in the future being even more so.

My Mom is here for the month with us and so happy she witnessed Superbaby's first steps.  For the past few months we kept thinking this is it, he is going to let go of that couch, chair whatever and walk, but nope, he waited until yesterday. Good boy, what a great present for Oma!

Oh and along with Oma came many, many great things for Superbaby. Tons of shoes I ordered online and clothes, he is so set for the next three years (thanks GP). My Mom says he is the best dressed kid in Cairo and has a better wardrobe and more shoes than all of us combined, LOL!

Next week we are throwing Superbaby a little super birthday party. Not too big, some of Super S's family and a few close friends. My Mom brought the cutest 1st birthday decorations from Party City with her so its going to look so cute! Now just trying to decide on a cake to order. They have really super cute cakes here you can order but they look small, so not sure yet what we will get. The larger sheet size cakes don't come in as cute of a design as the smaller cakes so not sure yet. Maybe order a really cute smaller one along with a sheet size? Anyway whatever I decide it will be cute though.

Its almost 1am here and time for me to hit it. I feel good posting this and plan to update again regularly, God Willing. Still not blog reading, but plan to work that back into the plan as well. I miss you all and will never forget any of you, or your kindness and support you have given over the years. Thank you and good night. - end of speech-

Peace and love guys, talk soon. xoxo

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's coming

I've had a post in my drafts folder for like 2 weeks now LOL. Its still there and I am working on it. All good here just super busy with superbaby, less than 2 weeks he'll be 10 months.

So hey for now and post coming soon. xoxo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Smile

Superbaby a few days past his 9 month birthday... at doctors office here in Cairo.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

39 weeks and diapers suck

Superbaby is 39 weeks old and a couple days today. Hard to believe that this little miracle of ours is going to be 9 months old next week!

About two weeks ago he started HATING having his diaper and clothes changed. I mean like a tantrum kind of hate. Its not every time, but at least twice a day I have to fight him to do it. WTF? Is it his "personality" coming out? Is it that he getting more independant, or wants to be? Did this happen to you? What did you do?

Four teeth coming in on the top, could be teething moodiness, although he seems to be doing ok with his teeth. I don't know.

We call him little monkey cause this boy climbs everything! When he's sitting up and then pulls himself up onto something he sits back down on floor. Like he is trying to getting down smooth, too cute. He is balancing himself well too, sticking an arm out once in awhile, walking is on the way huh?

Anyway just a quick update and please if this diaper/clothes thing happen to you , help me out...

Peace & love...