Friday, July 27, 2012

21 months later

Hey. Hi. Miss me? I've missed blogging so much but really have literally not had the time, nor energy to log on to write anything. Sucks I know, and many new Moms who blog fall into this problem, but I wanted so not to be one of them. Oh well.

All is good here in the land of the Pharaohs. Yup still in Cairo. Been back to the States since I last checked in, did major shopping and we're back. I will have to share
the story of how Superbaby did on the LONG flight, man I was so nervous, was way over prepared and for nothing. This boy is a travelin' little man I tell you, sooooo good!

Superbaby is beyond amazing, super, super smart and so much fun. Still breastfeeding like a champ. Plan to wean by October, he'll be two then, God Willing. But it will be hell impossible hard to break him. I haven't started anything yet, no cutting down, no skipping feedings, changing BF times nada. I know I will have to start soon and have been reading lots of different ideas from BF moms. This will be fun.

He is talking alot, understands everything and putting two and three words together now. He walks up and down our stairs alone, if we don't catch him that is, which we ALWAYS do, but is really showing his independent little self. His sense of humor is amazing and he is awesome with other kids. He is so loving and continues to inspire us every day.

You know since Superbaby was born, he has not been one day without me. Not once. I have not had alot of breaks, Super S is awesome with him and does give me the occassional break, but man he is stuck to me. He is definitely Mommy's boy and I love it! I am fortunate and grateful that I am not working and can be with him all the time. I can't imagine it any other way.

I am thinking about trying him in a preschool here when he's three maybe. He really is smart and does well around other kids when we are at the playground and out and about so it may be good for him. We'll see how things go in a year or so. Then the task of finding a good English speaking school begins. There are MANY here but which one, I guess when the time comes I will be visiting alot of them.

Egypt, oh Egypt. We have a new president now, as I'm sure most of you know. He does not seem to be a fanatic like some Western media outlets are portraying him, rather he seems to very humble and reasonable. He has promised lots of change and I think he will really try to implement it. Problem is I think it will take decades for alot of change to be seen. Many people here possess a certain mindset that will be very hard to break. I will not go into detail, cause well its boring really, but suffice to say the people here lived under extreme corruption and craziness for so long, they need to un-learn alot of ways/things. Just my opinion.

So, the plan is to start blogging again. I miss it. Main thing is I love that I can share our miracle with so many people.

Peace and love.

I have two wonders of the world here where I live...


  1. Hey...there you are! I was thinking about you recently and wondering how you guys were doing. So glad to get your update and hear that you're doing well. And don't think another thing about it...we ALL fall into the too-busy-to-blog boat at some time or another. :)

  2. Yay! Welcome back Wishy! You know, everytime I hear news about Cairo I think of you and your family. Your superbaby isn't much of a baby any longer, is he? They grow so very fast! He's beautiful! Good luck with the weaning and finding a preschool... I hope both go swimmingly for you. :)

  3. Great to hear from you! I'm glad the political situation is not quite as scary for you as it is made out to be by our media.

    Superbaby looks adorable - and he sounds as super as his name! Looking forward to more updates.

  4. Hi Wishy, we've missed you!
    That photo is just magnificent. Glad everything is going so well for you.

  5. i really missed you! Super baby is awesome!! Please come back to blogging!

  6. Good to hear from you :) glad all is going well!

  7. Wishy wish! Its so good to hear from you and that you are doing so well! Super baby is so cute!

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