Sunday, July 17, 2011

39 weeks and diapers suck

Superbaby is 39 weeks old and a couple days today. Hard to believe that this little miracle of ours is going to be 9 months old next week!

About two weeks ago he started HATING having his diaper and clothes changed. I mean like a tantrum kind of hate. Its not every time, but at least twice a day I have to fight him to do it. WTF? Is it his "personality" coming out? Is it that he getting more independant, or wants to be? Did this happen to you? What did you do?

Four teeth coming in on the top, could be teething moodiness, although he seems to be doing ok with his teeth. I don't know.

We call him little monkey cause this boy climbs everything! When he's sitting up and then pulls himself up onto something he sits back down on floor. Like he is trying to getting down smooth, too cute. He is balancing himself well too, sticking an arm out once in awhile, walking is on the way huh?

Anyway just a quick update and please if this diaper/clothes thing happen to you , help me out...

Peace & love...


  1. Yes...we are going through the same thing with the diaper changes and I think my little guy is just a few days older that your little guy. It has been going on for about 3-4 weeks now and is every change for us. I try to give him a toy or make funny noises but it only helps for a second. I wish u the best...if you find that something works, I would love to know! I am glad to hear all is well though....

  2. Yes, my son was like/is like also. He will only change his clothes without a fight if it is an outfit he approves of. He wears rubber fireman boots everyday, even when its 90 degrees outside! The good part, at around 2 years he said, "No Diapers!!" and has been peeing in the potty, wearing underwear ever since. He is almost 3 now, and has a phobia of pooping in the potty. When he poops his pants he will take his clothes off and flush the poop on his own though.....HAVE FUN : ) no seriously boys are hilarious!

  3. My middle son was like that. Honestly, nothing I did made it any better. I just had to pin him down (carefully of course) and change him.

  4. Burrito has gone through phases of fighting diaper changes like crazy. Sometimes it has helped to change venue -- he'll cooperate on the floor but not on the changing table, stuff like that. The biggest thing that's helped is having books or toys that he likes a lot and only using them during diapers (but keep several handy, because they may get thrown down or they may lose their appeal in the middle of a very poopy diaper change). It has also helped to make it fun -- I used to sing certain songs only during diaper changes. Then we went through a phase when he was older than your guy where he would only do diapers standing up (which does not work for poo, but I learned to do for pee). Sometimes he's objected so much that I have to pin his shoulders with my knees, but I really try to avoid that. Don't even get me started on trying to change him in the car! Ultimately I try to choose my battles; he will not use a public changing table, so in public I have to sit on the toilet or balance one leg on something and change him standing up. Mostly, however he's willing to do it is fine with me. He's never objected to clothes, though, and in fact gets upset if he's undressed for too long! Now if he or his sister is not wearing enough clothing, he'll walk over and get the clothes and try to put them onto him or her all by himself, saying "pants pants pants" or "socks socks socks" etc.

    Find a way to make it fun. Struggling is just awful, for them and for us.

  5. Our eldest went through that. All you and do is distract and redirect. You can try a mobile above the changing station or a special toy they only get to play with during changing times or even a hand held mirror. Kids are fun. Don't worry this phase won't last forever and soon it will be a new one like not letting you clip their nails or the one we're doing right now, unbuckling the car seat while we're driving.

  6. We have been through the same the last few months and still going on. It helps to lend her my mobile phone, or keys... which she never gets to play with and are very interesting. In the beginning it helped to sing for her, but I didn´t really like that in public bathrooms or when guests where at home since I sing like William Hung

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