Monday, July 4, 2011

37+ weeks

Just got back from 10 days in our favorite Red Sea/Sinai pennisula destination, Dahab. So relaxing man!

Superbaby took his first dip in the Red Sea and really liked it. I was surprised as he usually does not like bath time, but I think this trip cured him entirely of that. Came home bathed without fuss, yeah! We hope he will be a little fish as we love water so much and want him to enjoy it too. He's off to a good start I guess.

What a difference 10 days makes. I mean Superbaby REALLY changed alot in those 10 days and we are amazed. I mean he changes so much at this age each week, but this time we really saw alot of new things. On our 15th anniversary he crawled on his knees. Then a few days later he was standing himself up against anything he could find. This boy wants to walk! I think he will be an early walker.

He has four teeth coming in on the top, two front and the two next to them. He is teething au naturel, we are not giving him anything and he's doing ok. Fussy some days more than other, but all in all he's good.

He is making tons of noises. He screams, not screams, but growls I guess, to get our attention. He still grunts when eating sometimes and is a total trip! His personality is coming out more and more every day. We are in for some real fun with this little man.

Food. No problems He likes everything I give him and I've been letting him taste little bites of many things. Thing is, is he getting enough? He still BF's on demand and eats when we do. He eats veggies and fruits mostly with a few tiny spoons of our food sometimes to taste. He seems to be gaining weight and is growing so I think we're all good. I read so many different feeding scenarios online and all babie are different, so I think I will wait until later this month when we take him to doctor for polio booster and see his weight.

Hey what about dry skin on his scalp, cradle cap? He still has a bunch on top and it seems like it doesn't want to go away. It doesn't look too bad but how do i get it get it off? There is only a small part still flaking but the rest is not flaking anymore, but still there???

Other than that we are still so unbelievgably grateful that he's here and that will never go away. What an amazing gift this happy little boy is. He's a keeper.


  1. so glad you guys have a great trip! super baby sounds like he's doing pretty ... well, super! :)

  2. I've heard a lot of things about cradle cap, and I mostly remember that some people recommend putting baby oil or olive oil on the scalp and then gently combing out the flakes. I don't know if that works, but it seems logical.

    Superbaby sounds like he's in fine form! Keep up the good work, mom!

    Also, LOVE this week's cute baby picture!

  3. The olive oil makes the flakes soggy and then easier to peel off. A comb didn't help but I would wait for the oil to soak in and then pick at it! Gross but fun!! He sounds like he's at a very similar stage to Isobel. It's too funny when she growls while she is eating!!!!
    Your holiday sounds blissful!

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  5. Happy 37 weeks! I second what tireegal has suggested, Oliver had a couple of spots of flaky scalp and the oil fixed it (I used sunflower oil though scented with lavender oil, all homemade!)


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