Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not an easy day for alot of us

Happy Mother's Day. It's my first and damn it feels good. So.good.

I know this day can suck for alot of us, I remember. Don't give up, it can happen for you. If you have implantation issues, I cannot stress enough immune testing. I really believe that my testing and subsequent medications are what allowed Superbaby to happen. Its a long road and IF is a mean bitch, but we have to keep fighting.

Superbaby is now 6 1/2 months old. Man time is flyin! It seems once he hit that 6 month mark so many things changed. His hair started growing, he rolls around like a madman, he's an eatin' fool and just growing up fast. He fits most of his 6-9 months clothes now, with some of the pants being a bit long, but tops fit perfectly.

He is almost sitting up on his own, he still needs our hands on his back, but he's almost got it. He is trying to crawl when on his tummy, but still not moving much, its close though I know it.

While our friends were visiting from the US we went to Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. Superbaby did good, a long, very long car ride but he really good. Slept alot, fussed some but overall good. We laughed and said he probably thought the car was our new home as we were in it so much.

When we left Dahab it was on a Friday about 6am. We ended up in Alexandria the same night at 9pm. We drove from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean in a day. We went from Dahab to St. Catherines Monestary, to Suez, to Port Said, to Damietta to Alexandria and a few other little towns along the way. It was a great road trip and our friends enjoyed it so much.

Super S said Superbaby wants to take me to Alexandria tomorrow for Mother's Day. We'll leave early, as its about a 3 hour drive, spend the day there, have dinner and maybe drive back home. Or maybe stay over night too, we'll see.

I suck at blogging now, I know. Superbaby occupies every second and I love it! We hold him waaay too much, by choice, and try to keep him busy and occupied all the time. He is napping now so I thought I'd post this lame update.

Enjoy your day, Mother or not, I know its tough and I feel you. I will never forget. Remember I am still infertile and always be.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Wishy!

    Is there a Mother's Day holiday in Egypt? Probably not on the same date of course.

    Glad you had such a great trip!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like Superbaby has a great idea for your day...

    Your road trip sounds like fun too - and I'm glad Superbaby mostly enjoyed it.

  3. Definitely not a lame update. I am thrilled that Superbaby is thriving and that you are loving being a mom. {{{Hugs}}} and Happy Mother's Day.

  4. The first Mothers Day is very special--lots of hugs to you!


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