Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5:30am and I'm up

Teething sucks.

Its been ok until a few days ago. Superbaby's bottom two teeth are almost all the way in and maybe at this point the teething gets worse?

Three days ago we took him to the doctor as he had a mild fever for three days and I wanted to be sure all was ok. It was. Doctor prescribed some paracetamol baby drops, fever gone.

Then yesterday he did not want to eat. Not breastmilk, or his fruits.

He's been really fussy too. Would not sleep yesterday night and then today woke up at 3:15am and just back to sleep now around 5am. I feel so bad cause he's so fussy and I bet so uncomfortable. Its funny somtimes he laughs and then cries right away. Then he cries and starts laughing, he's so moody. I read this can and does happen alot to babies while teething.

I just said to Super S the other day "this is not so bad, he's been awesome through teething..." haaa!

So he turned 7 months this weekend and he is really growing. He is so damn cute and we just can't get enough of him, teething and all.

Well i better get back to bed too. I suck at blogging I know. I always think of things I want to share with you, its just when he does nap I have so many other things to get done.


  1. I "get this" since you've got so much to do and when that baby sleeps you want to get it all done.

    7 months old already, I can't believe how big he is getting and GOOD LUCK with the teething, it was the hardest part of that first year. You just want to keep them comfortable but it's so hard when they can't tell you what hurts, why it hurts...hang in there sweetie and nap when he naps!!!!


  2. Teething can be really rough. Have you tried the ibuprofen/tylenol combo?

  3. Poor Superbaby. Those teeth hurt. And there is never enough time in the day...

  4. Lovely to hear from you! Aaah teething, it's part of the life cycle and I don't know aany parent or baby for that matter that had an easy time of it. Hoping you all get some more sleep soon xx

  5. I hear ya, girl! My blogging has totally taken a back seat, along with just about everything else except Miss P. :)

    And if poor Superbaby teethes anything like P, I totally feel your pain. She is a terror with it at times, especially when one is almost through, just like you're saying. Poor Superbaby...and poor Wishy!

    We do homepathic teething tablets (you can get them online) and the tylenol/advil combo when needed, as well as chewing on frozen chewy-type toys. Lots of mamas I know also swear by amber teething beads...might be worth looking in to if the fretting and fussing continues.

    Hope you're all feeling better today. Take care of YOU! :D


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