Friday, May 27, 2011

32 weeks

Whatever Superbaby had its gone, thank God.

Last week he had a slight fever, for three days. I gave him some Tylenol, it wasn't getting better. Took him to doctor, he prescribed a liquid that was a combination of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Gave it it Superbaby once and the fever was gone. But...

His temperature went down low at night for like two days, 95-97 and he had what appeared to be a light rash of some sort. He was waking up at night crying, not usual for him at all. This was all for about two days after giving him Paracetamol/Ibuprofen drops. Was if caused by the medicine? Coincidence? Teething? I don't know.

All of this is gone now. No rash, no low temps at night, not waking up fussing, all better now and back to his fussy teething regular self.

We gave him his first "biscuit" yesterday (we actually call them cookies). The kind that are ok for babies, they melt in their mouth, he loved it! He ate half and made such a mess! But he grabbed it and held it in his hand, it was so cool.

He is almost sitting alone. He sits up and I watch him. But he does have control and I can leave him as long as I am next to him. He seems to love to stand up though. When I pick him up off the floor, he puts his feet on the floor and I pull him up to a standing position. His legs are strong and he holds them straight without shaking or buckling.

Still not crawling, but is scooting backwards on his tummy. He can turn around in all directions on his tummy as well too. But when he's on his tummy and wants to move forward, his arms and legs are going but he's not moving. He gets frustrated and starts fussing. Who knows, maybe he will skip crawling and just walk.

He's eating fruits and vegetables I make for him. I try to give him these solids to every two breast feedings. So he nurses twice, then I give him solids. He rarely finishes a whole portion, but I think he is satisfied and gaining, so its all good. I did buy some fruits by a compnay named Hero out of Spain. They are yummy man. I have them so if we are on the go they are convenient. The ingredients are all natural and they taste really good too. Veggies I do myself as well as some fruits. Yesterday I made peas, carrots, a dash of rice, half a potato and just a tad of salt, he loves it! We have not tried any chicken or meats yet, doctor here recommended to not start meat until after one year. What have you done? Friends of mine did puree meat/chicken and start at about 7 months, not sure if I will or not.

How often and how much were you feeding your baby at 7 months. I know all babies are different. I have read such different quantities and timings, just curious what you all did.

Superbaby has been sleeping on his right side for while now. Lately I noticed he turns and sleeps on his tummy now sometimes. Is this okay? I think back to worrying about SIDS when he was smaller and not sure if this is ok now or not? I turn him over when I see him on his tummy and put him on his back or side.

His personality is really developing. He is a trip man. We laugh so much with him and he is going to be a funny little man I see it now. When he cries sometimes and I know he's faking it, just fussing, I sing him the faker pumpkin maker song, he laughs and goes right to playing.

We hold him alot. I mean alot. We've done this since he was a baby. We know what we got ourselves into and we're cool with it. But lately we've been trying to give him some alone/down time so he can enjoy tummy time and explore some new movements. Some friends have told us we hold him too much and we're like yeah whatever. Its our choice and whatever comes out of it we will deal with it. He is so content, very happy, and a really great little guy. You can tell he knows that all this love has been saved up for so long just for him.

Peace, love and that half smile below. Priceless!


  1. awwww. He is such a little cutie! Time is FLYING BY!!! I honestly don't think you can LOVE a baby too much. That is what i think of about holding a baby. You are bonding, connecting and LOVING him! Everyone has an opinion right?

    Glad he is feeling better!!! <3

  2. He is gorgeous. If Superbaby can roll over, tummy sleeping is fine (but you'll never get an "expert" to tell you that).

    So glad he is feeling better.

  3. How cute is he?!? My sister was of the opinion that babies need to be held 8-10 hours a day. We held our daughter a lot. But she sat in her bouncy chair or swing a lot too. She's 4 now, but she still likes to be held, when she's not being an independent little cuss!

    I can't remember what we were feeding her at 7 months - seems like mainly fruit and cereal, and tastes of anything she seemed interested in. She wasn't especially interested in meats, but she had it before she was a year old.

  4. WHAT A DOLL! :D

    Glad he's feeling better. :) At 7 months, P was eating a variety of fruits, veggies, cereals and pureed meats...about a tablespoon of something once or twice a day after nursing. She basically at whatever whole foods we ate, just whirred to death in the blender with less spice/salt. We added the meats at the ped's recommendation to make sure she was getting enough iron (I've had some issues with anemia in the past, so I think it was a precaution). After she started getting some teeth, I made the purees chunkier and gave her some finger foods of things that she'd already had and introduced things that weren't easily pureed. Now, she eats pretty much anything that isn't nailed down (except nuts and shellfish). ;) The site was a good reference to me but I didn't follow it religiously or anything...I just did what felt or seemed right for us, with in reason.

    As for the SIDS question, I worry about that too, and have ever since P started rolling herself over in her sleep (she sleeps on her side, too). How do you not worry?? It's not as big of a deal for us now, but we were in the same boat. As long as he's in a safe sleeping environment and is holding his head up when he has tummy time, I wouldn't worry tooooo much.

    P skipped crawling, too...went straight from sitting up to pulling up and cruising and was walking at nine months. She didn't crawl until well after she started cruising. Weird, huh?

    And you can hold a baby too much? Don't tell Preslie that! ;)

  5. Rainbow has NEVER slept on his back, so I don't know if I could give my opinions.

    ALSO, about the 'holding' issue. I am not sure that the person meant it in a bad way. I am going back to work so, and I love holding Rainbow, but I know that the daycare worker will think him spoil if he wants to be carried all the time (which he does, lol).
    BUT, hey, you waited forever for Superbaby, so you go on and do whatever you want to do (it's your child).

    Superbaby is a Super cute boy, mashaAllah.



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