Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 weeks and a day

Can you believe it? I still can't! Superbaby was 30 weeks yesterday. Then he'll be 7 months in less than two weeks!!!

I'm telling you I look at this little boy every day and am so thankful, so freakin' thankful for him. It was a long road and so hard but man, I would so do it all over again for him.

Tonight Superbaby did the cutest thing, he grabbed my chin and pulled me towards him, as if to say "look at me."
He is almost sitting up alone, not quite but he wants to. I play a game with him now, when he's sitting down I count 1, 2, 3 and then with me holding his arms he stands up. Its so cute as he looks at my mouth when I count, like he's getting ready.
His two bottom teeth are almost all the way in. They are sharp as hell too. He's been fussy but not too bad really. Thank you Oragel.

You know, I am still so attached to IF. Attached to the struggles, the 2 week waits, the BFP's and BFN's, ultrasounds, crys, joys all of the fun stuff that IF brings us. There is never a moment that I forget that is me too, never.

Yes we have our son, thank God, our miracle and I am enjoying being a mom finally, but infertilty is something that will never leave me, it will never let me forget. I'm grateful. Thanks bitch.

And you know what I'm glad. Yep. I am glad that we had to struggle so hard to get what some people get easy. But at the same time I am also happy for those lucky people who have sex, get pregnant and its not a struggle. Really.

Just yesterday I said to Super S that we are lucky to have done IVF as we have pictures of Superbaby when he was an embryo, before implantation. "Regular" pregnancies don't get that. Ah one of the perks of the struggle.

So it's late here. I am off to bed, promise to post more often. I may reward you with a picture again soon, one of thousands it's insane. Peace.


  1. 7 months - look for mobility any time now! I think that's when my girl was rolling around the floor and scooting herself backwards under the furniture. Such fun...can't wait for pictures!

  2. Wow! Our babies are getting so big! I have lost count of weeks and then i tell myself I'm a bad mom! I think Isobel is one week ahead which makes her 31 weeks! Isn't this such a fun age!Not to freak you out but I believe Oragel has been recalled for use by babies in the US.
    I'm sure Google can help.

  3. Lovely post my dear friend. I agree. We are lucky. In fact I think we are luckier than many others.
    Love, Fran

  4. Hey tireegal68 I just read warning about oragel, I will not use anymore. But honestly we haven't had to use too much anyway. Thanks for that as I did not know.

  5. Fabulous post! I couldn't agree more.

    After a long break, I'm finally back to blogland. Congratulations to you, and a warm welcome to your miracle, Superbaby!

  6. pretty soon he'll have been in the world longer than he was in you. I found that to be the most mind blowing milestone.

  7. Happy 30 weeks super baby! I'm so glad you have him. I love reading your posts. You can feel your love and joy pouring out. :)

  8. Time flies doesn't it??? Congratulations- and pictures!!! :)

  9. Almost 7 months! That's crazy! :)

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  11. YAY! You're inspiration for us all going through this difficult road of IVF. Superbaby, cute name, sounds like such a blessing. Now, time for all the adventures superbaby will bring!


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