Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday: Kindness Amid Chaos

Today we went to downtown Cairo, Tahrir Square to do some business at the famous Mogamma Building. We were there actually to pick up a paper and thought we'd be in and out LOLLLL. You go to one window, they send you to another and another. You have to go to yet another window to buy little stamps to stick on your papers, just crazy.

As Super S was running around getting  the needed stamps to put on our paperwork, I sat with Superbaby and waited. A nice young Egyptian girl started talking to me and playing with Superbaby. We talked about Egypt's future and the state of the "midan" Tahrir Square.

When we drove into dowtown, we planned on parking in the underground parking in Tahrir Square next to the Mogamma Building. Tahrir Square was blocked off, closed to traffic. Now we had the problem of where to park the car? There is not much parking in downtown but we lucked out and found some space under a bridge.

Here's what we saw as we walked to Tahrir Sqaure...

This is blocking cars to Tahrir Square

Normaly we would be driving on this street

Burned vehicle

Burned bus

Mogamma building with people gathering in front

Two hours later we finished at the Mogamma. As we walked out of the building after about 20 feet or so the nice Egyptian girl came up to me. She said she was coming back to find us and she wanted to kiss Superbaby and handed him a flag. She said she hoped he would remember her, remember Egypt.

Now that's a Perfect Moment, perfect kindness that will last for along time.

Superbaby's gift from his new friend

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  1. I love this, Wishy. Your title says it all.

    Thanks for helping us understand what it's like there.

  2. It must be distressing to see so much destruction - and how wonderful to find that people haven't really changed.

  3. Beautiful story of being present in the moment. :)

  4. Truly a special moment.

  5. What a moment. Love it. Fran

  6. Wow...what a story, what amazing this to see!

    Oh, and I totally super babied my baby, onesie on the outside of pants the other day as we transition between sizes, LOL. I credit you with the idea!

  7. that was a gorgeous story, one of knowing how to see the beauty in any moment, to squeeze the good out it.

    I do hope that you tell Superbaby that story over and over and that he takes it into his adulthood...knowing that from the beginning he "meant" something.


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