Friday, March 25, 2011

23 weeks

Superbaby turned 5 months this week and man is he ever amazing and growing! All the pants I have for him are too long. That’s why I rock the onesies on top sometimes, to me they look cute. Not all outfits look “right” this way, but I have a few that do. I started putting his little shoes on sometimes when we go out, OMG waaay too cute! Boots, sneakers, its more fun for me than anyone. Superbaby could care less, so I have the fun for now.

He uses his hands a lot. He started holding up his hands and twisting them around sort of, just looks at them. When he does this I say “take me to your leader”, like he is sending communications to someone. His grip is getting better and he’s still rolling over just half way. His neck muscles are alot stronger too. And he laughs... boy is this kid happy!

Super S’s aunt was here the other day and she said we are crazy. Crazy in a good way, I hope. We always act and talk silly, dance and do stupid things with Superbaby and she got a kick out of it. I assume all parents do this, don't they?

Yesterday we bought him a walker. It has lights, music and turns into a rocker. Lots of fun dials and shift knobs, a speedometer like a car kind of. When we got home I put him in it and he was leaning his head over trying to eat the dials and buttons, LOL. So it may be alittle early for him. Super S pushed him around in it and was smiling, his sly smile. Probably thinking "what the hell is this thing guys?"

I started giving Superbaby a small spoon of rice cereal and a small spoon of yogurt every other day. He loves it! We tried some bananas from Gerber, not happenin'. Fresh will be better I think, but will wait until next month to try again.

He is breastfeeding almost every 2 hours. I read alot of babies at his age feed every 3-4 hours? I know all babies are different, but do you think I should be supplementing at all? Maybe more cereal? He seems to be gaining weight just fine though.

When we got back to Cairo we had to get Superbaby the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis, as they no longer give in the US, but it is required here in Egypt. It was given in his upper left arm. He has a raised bump there now, looks terrible really. It is normal and they say painless but man it looks awful. It is suppose to go away by one year old, we'll see. Every time he takes a bath I look at it and feel like it hurts him but have to remind myself it doesn't.

Superbaby is so observant. He takes in everything all the time. I mean he really seems like he is studying everything, always. He is so quiet when we go for walks whether he’s in his stroller or in the Lascal carrier. He just looks around and is so content. Like I said before, a genius in the making!

Have a great weekend!



  1. So glad to hear that you guys are doing well, and that Superbaby is growing like crazy. I don't have any words of wisdom about the supplementing, as we are now exclusively on formula. My suggestion is to do what your gut tells you. If you think that he needs a little more to keep him full, then give it a try and see what happens. Just my thoughts...

  2. My little one told me that she was a genius today. So, keep telling him that he's a genius, so you can get a return on it when he's 4. :)

    We were silly all the time, and now my silly monkey is still silly.

  3. Wow, time fly's! He is so beautiful and it sounds like you are all having a great time parenting.
    Hope your foot is feeling better. I had Planter Fasciitis twice before and it is painful. I actually found that wearing shoes with a moderate high heel for a few months helped take the pressure off my heel. Hope yours is better.

  4. Sounds like Superbaby is doing awesome! I couldn't be more proud for you. :)

    As for the supplementing thing: P nursed every 2 hours FOREVER...and even now at almost 10 months, will nurse every 3 hours if we're at home (If we're on the go, she's too interested in all that's going on around her). Some babies are just that way...she LOVES the boob and I have a feeling that she will not be weaning at a year. :)

    That said, I DID have a supply problem from about 3-5 months. P was getting just enough every 2 hours to be 'just full enough', then she'd stop nursing. We found out @ her 4 months appt. when she stopped gaining/growing well and had to supplement for a couple of months til she started solid food. It was like she was just growing faster than my body could supply. But if Superbaby is growing well and having ample wet diapers, I'd say don't worry a bit. I think it's normal for all nursing moms to worry about their supply at some time or another.

    And I don't know about anyone else, but we act silly all the time for P. I guess if that makes us crazy, so be it! :D

    Hugs to you!

  5. I am so in awe of little Superbaby, my goodness, 23 weeks, where did that go.
    You all sound good, happy, growing and I'm so glad. That the Superbaby you waited so long for is here and doing so well.

    love to all of you. xo

  6. Just found you (or you found me through Candidly_Andrea on twitter). Congratulations on your Superbaby, our stories sound very similar. I'm off to poke around your blog *g*


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