Sunday, January 23, 2011

13 weeks, 2 days- Flamenco and baldness

When Superbaby is really fussy, we've found THE perfect solution to soothe him... FLAMENCO music! This is of course after I determine he is not fussy for a reason, like wanting to eat or be changed.

We carry him and dance with him in front of the ipod docked in our Bose speakers and its pure magic. He loves it! He quiets down, even falls asleep many times. He smiles and laughs and I know he loves it. He is going to be just like his Daddy loving Flamenco guitar. Super S even plays guitar for him while he lays on the bed, he just watches his fingers moving and is really engaged. Its so cute man!

Superbaby is almost bald. He wasn't born with a head full of hair to begin with, but now it is all going away and where to I couldn't tell you. I read this is completely normal, I think its kinda cute actually. Cute now that is, so it will grow back in right? When?

His eyelashes are so long and very light in color, I think he is going to have blondish or at least light brown hair. He is so beautiful and I am so thankful each and every day for this little miracle of mine.

Around 6 months (April for us) is when you should start introducing pureed "real food" right? Can you tell me the best way to start this. I will do some reading of course and know the basics I guess, but I always like to ask my experts. My Mom said when he shows interest its okay to start. What about giving him water? Breastmilk is all he needs now, right? But when do you give him water and how much, how often?

Other than that life is good. So good. Its still so surreal, not a day passes where we don't say to each other "look at our son", we really are THE happiest parents in the world.


  1. You don't really need to give him water until you introduce a sippy cup. He'll get all the fluids he needs from breastmilk (or formula). You can give him some to taste when you start giving him solids, but it's more for exploration than anything. You can usually tell when he's ready for food. He'll watch you eat. He'll try to help himself and reach for your food. He might just seem kinda hungry. Most people start with rice cereal, and you're supposed to only introduce one new thing at a time, in case of allergies. However, we found that rice cereal needed the addition of a little fruit juice (prune juice) because our girl got constipated.

    Also, the lighter the hair, the longer it seems to take to come in...but part of that is just the color.

  2. I'm still a ways from worrying about solid food yet, but it was drilled into me at our prenatal classes that solid foods aren't to be started until 6 months at the earliest. Everyone in my family has always started with some form of baby cereal, and then moved on to the pureed stuff and yoghurt. I'm looking forward to making baby food for our Ginny.

    I totally relate to your last paragraph. Beloved and I have those moments everyday.

  3. My Mother told me I was born with black hair and it rubbed off and I was bald for two years before my blonde hair came in. Apparently, it was true because the same thing happened with Katherine. But she started getting hair at about 18 months or so...I thought she would be bald forever.

  4. I am so glad everything is going well! We like to play music for our little guy too when he gets fussy - we have not tried flamenco though = ) My little guy was born with a lot of hair and has lost a majority of it too except for this little spot on the back of his head. Our pediatrician told us it is common! I need to do some more research too but our pediatrician told us that it is OK around 4 months to give rice cereal - I am not sure yet about other type of foods. I am going to talk to the pediatrician more at his 4 month appt. I can let you know what I find out! Any pictures to share of your little man? I would love to see!

  5. Hi, good to hear that all is going well in egypt :)
    I don´t know about the hair, when it grows back, but I have a girl with ALOT of hair, I get comments everywhere she goes and envy from boldheaded mothers of girls. (she has more hair than some almost 2 year old girls)

    About the solids, world health organisation recommends to wait until 6 months with anything other than breastmilk (that includes water, as it will fill up the stomach and not leave room for milk).
    I´m starting with rice porridge from Holle, which is organic, without added suger or salt. She has gotten a few spoons (eventhoug she is not 6 months until beginning of february). I´m starting slow and just a few spoons here and there.

    I was advised that from 6-8 months there is just a tasting period, they do not need solids at that point, but it is good to slowly introduce foods, if you do not need to leave them for daycare at some point it is best (I´m adviced) to take it slow and just let him lead the way. I´m starting with sweet potato and carrots.

    Popular book for parents is one from Annabel Karmel, whit lots of recipies and what food to eat when.

    Other foods that you can start at 6 months are apples, pares, banana, potatos, butternut.

  6. Oh, so great to hear that everything is going so well!! Cute about the flamenco music - my JBB seems to love Billy Joel's piano man - oh child!?!?

    I have just started feeding JBB solids - he is 5 months but was watching everything we ate and grabbing at our foods and my maternal health nurse gave the go ahead. We started him on the rice cereal which he loves and he has had a little bit of mashed banana which is he not real mad on.

    Good luck!!

  7. Glad to see all is well.

  8. Hello!!! So happy to read all is well!! Sending you much love and looking forward to your next update, Fran

  9. I've read research that you should not wait until six months unless there is some other reason- I began my son at 5 months. My SIL started hers at 4 months- its entirely up to you!

    Love to hear you talking about your baby :) Makes me happy!

  10. His love for flamenco is so neat!

    We started with oatmeal rather than rice cereal because one of the babies had constipation issues. Our ped wanted us to wait until 6 months esp. since they were preemies -- 4 months would have been only 2.5 adjusted, which is far too young for solids. We mixed the oatmeal with formula rather than water to add calories and also to make it taste more familiar.

    Then we did bananas, avocados, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables after that, about 1 new food a week. Usually mixed with oatmeal. (The babies' aunts were grossed out at the idea of peas with oatmeal, or spinach with oatmeal, etc., which of course adults would never eat together, but babies don't care.)

    You don't need to offer water yet, but both of my babies have been stealing water from my bottle for a long time! They both just love water. But a breastfed baby doesn't need water and it may reduce their milk intake which you usually don't want, esp. if you have a skinny baby like one of mine is.

    Hope all of the craziness in Cairo stays far away from you.


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