Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 weeks, 5 days

* In case you saw the post title as originally 10 weeks, 5 days yesterday- I edited today as Superbaby is 11 weeks not 10 weeks oops!

This is a LONG update, have fun....

We still haven't got Superbaby's one last immunization he needs. As you read in my last post, we went to Pediatrician to get it, but it was too long of a wait. Why not make an appointment you ask, welll they don't take appointments for just a shot.

To be fair though, we have not chosen his permanent Pediatrician yet, we just tried to walk-in to three different ones here where we live and they were all so busy.  Then someone recommmended a government office where they immunize babies, I was skeptical but called a friend of mine and she assured me the office I told her we were going to visit was very clean, a new building and she had heard good things about it. So Super S called them, they told him they work from 8am to 5pm. Off we went...

Got there and they told us they only do immunizations two days a week and for a few hours int the morning, LOL. Oh well.

I started wrtiting this post a few days ago and since then we went here where we live again and Superbaby finally got his BCG vaccine. The doctor said in 3-5 weeks a scar will appear. He was really fussy afterwards so we came home, I fed and changed him and he went right to sleep poor little guy. But I am relieved he got it.

It is still so surreal to have Superbaby- just beyond words that he is here. I look at him in amazement every day and so thankful that he came. I know the rest of our lives Super S and I will look at him this way. A true blessing in every single way.

So some fun stuff...

Superbaby is using his hands, alot. He is grabbing my hands and holding onto my fingers. He touches his own hands and crosses them together over his chest, its so cute. I am waiting for him to see his hands and play with them, I bet this will happen soon.

He is talking alot. Ok, not really talking but making alot of sounds when we talk to him. We have been talking to him daily since he was born. There is never a quiet moment, when he is in his carseat, stroller or bouncer I always talk to him about everything. How he got here, what I'm making for dinner, when we shop I ask his opinion. I know he doesn't understand me, but I think the talking is good for him.

He has been smiling and laughing since he was 7 weeks. Even more frequent now and it is THE cutest thing ever. When he wakes up, he wakes up so happy and smiles and makes faces at us, he sure seems to be a happy boy. He is super active, always kicking his legs and moving his arms, kind of like he is running. He gets very excited when we talk to him and I always ask him what marathon he is going to run in.

Last Friday on his 10 week birthday I started making videos. Every Friday we take a 5 minute video of him on the bed while we talk to him. We will continue this until he gets older. It will be fun to look back at how he grew and also so cool to share with him when he's older.

I never in a million years thought I'd try these, but I got Yo.ur Bab.y DVDs. I plan to start letting Superbaby watch them soon. I know its early at just about 3 months but he seems to love the movement and sound from the TV so why not? Anyone ever tried these? I still kinda laugh at myself for getting them, but hey Superbaby will be a genius so I thought why not help him along lol! We'll see you never know... The DVD's  kind of remind me of what my Dad said about reading...

My Dad recently retired from teaching. He had a little girl in Kindergarten who was reading on an unbelievable 8th grade level. He talked to her Mother and asked what she had done at home, a surprising nothing she told him. But she did mention that she let her daughter watch televeision with closed captioning on. Bingo my Dad said. He is firm believer in sight and hearing to learn to read and these DVD's use this method. I'll let you know later down the road how they work out.

Healthwise Superbaby is great. He has some tough nights sometimes though and I think it is a combination of colic or gas and maybe some reflux? No doctor has diagnosed this yet, but due to some online reading and his crying and hearing him swallow, he may have a touch of reflux, I think. It does not happen everyday, but when it does he cries, his face gets red and I think he is in pain. He eats fine though, no throwing up so I am just not sure. We plan to take him to a doctor soon just to be sure. He does pass alot of gas though and cries sometimes like it hurts him, normal? I think so. I do give him Gripe Water and occasionally Mylicon Drops and they seem to help alittle bit. I also keep him upright after breastfeeding for 30 minutes and that has seemed to help too. So alittle relief, but poor guy I feel so bad because I just hate to see him uncomfortable.

He is sleeping at night awesome now. Waking up once about 4am or so and thats it. We do sleep late, like midnight, but he naps so much during the day so I know he is getting the sleep he needs. He is cosleeping with us in our bed, he seems to sleep so well and we love it. I know alot of people are against this, but it works for us and we make it safe, using a cosleeper bed for him. I plan to transition him to the bassinet in the Pack N Play in our room in a few months and then to his crib in his room later.

We pick Superbaby up all the time. I mean he cries, we are right there man. We realize what we are in for and are ok with this. You may think we're nuts but 12 years we waited for him, we are so not letting him cry it out.

So thats it for now. Again I will try not to lapse so much in between posts. If you made it all the way down here thanks and hope it was good for you. Anyway hope all is good where you are and I plan to start blog reading again, just so busy right now.


  1. i was just thinking about you!

    glad to hear you sounding so happy. seems like things are going really well.

  2. So glad that all is going well and that you figured out the vaccines. It can be such a hassle abroad.

    I very rarely comment on ideas like "Your baby can read" but for some reason your post got me thinking about it. The problem is that the Superbaby doesn't have the language skills to understand the words in the video, so even if he likes the images there is no way he can learn to read until his language skills improve in a couple of months. And in the meantime there are lots of reasons some parents are cautious of excessive screen time: the fact that it doesn't respond to the baby's reactions has been linked to ADHD in numerous studies. So maybe it makes sense to just let your son watch you move around the house, or look out the window if you have one low enough, or watch the cats for a couple more months. At least until he has the language to possibly understand the videos (which most studies suggest are based on memorization. Not that that is a bad thing necessarily, but it is a very specific type of learning which does not necessarily carry over to other skills. There are also no skills linking early literacy to success in school/intelligence).

  3. Hah! When you said "I'll let you know later down the road how they work out", I actually thought to myself, how weird would it be if you were still writing and I was still reading in 5 years? That would be pretty cool to actually get to hear if those videos help him read!! :)

    Glad to hear everything is going well. Sending hugs for Superbaby! He sounds like a cutie.

  4. It sounds like y'all are doing fabulously. I'm glad to read an update.

  5. I never thought of CC before!! I must try that.

  6. I'm so very happy that all is going well. Both of my kids had what I guess was colic. Em had it on and off throughout the day and Tony had his just in the evenings. They both started at about a month old and outgrew it about six weeks later. It was very stressful but they both outgrew it. Breastfeeding and holding them while we stood up seemed to help a little.

    I never thought about teaching them to read as babies. If I would have known about the cc, I might have done that. I don't have an issue with videos or TV and neither of my kids have ADHD and they are doing very well in school. I have joked about regretting teaching them speak, however, because Tony talks non-stop!LOL!

  7. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! My sister always said that an infant's cries should always generate a response. I never let my girl cry it out...unless there was nothing I could do to soothe her. (Sometimes she would just seem to need a good cry and would eventually wear herself out and fall asleep - it was rare, though). I don't think that spoils a kid - I don't think that's possible in the first year. So keep it up.

    I love that baby chatter - it is so cute.

  8. I love cosleeping with my girl. She's 13 months old now, and it's working fine for us. I am right there with you about not letting them cry. Certainly not at this age. The only time I let her cry as an infant was when I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. I would go as quickly as possible, talking to her all the while. "Mommy's right here. I'm almost finished." etc.

    New pictures please?

  9. Don't let anyone tell you how to parent if they aren't sitting in your house 24 hours a day! ;)

    Sounds like things are fabulous..and I am over the moon for y'all! xoxo

  10. You sound so so happy! So very thrilled for you!

  11. sounds like things are going so well, that first year is such a wonderful time full of wonder and awe at this little person. I'm so glad he's doing well.

    As for the YBCR..I know it will be awesome for him...hey these days every little bit helps.

    you sound wonderful and I'm so happy...CONGRATS on SUPERBABY...and all the fun you're going to have with him in the months/years to come.

  12. so glad to hear everything is going so well! i always look forward to your updates!

    and i agree - pick that baby up if he's crying! :)

  13. Congrats! I'm so glad that everything is going so well!

  14. Wow I haven't stopped by in a little while... but congrats on the little one! You'll need to change the title of the blog!


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