Tuesday, December 28, 2010

9 weeks, 4 days

Last week we went to visit Dr. K as he wanted to see Superbaby.... we left the center 4 hours later (you know how things go time wise here in Cairo) with Superbaby being circumcised!!!

We had intentionally not had it done in the States as we wanted Dr. K to do it, but we didn't think he would do it that day, as we were just going for a quick visit. When he offered to do it right there we thought why not, although I was not mentally prepared for it.

Super S went in with Dr. K and his assistant fully ready to witness this moment for his son, he walked right out just before they started and joined me in the waiting room, LOL. He punked out. Dr. K did say after it was for the best as it is hard to see, especially on your own child.

Superbaby is a trooper man, he is good, seemed he felt no pain and slept like the baby he is that very night.

So tonight we are off to Pediatrician to get a BCG vacination, this is for tuberculosis. Superbaby is up to date with all his 2 month shots, we had those done in the US. The United States no longer gives this BCG vaccine to babies but here in Egypt they administer it from birth to 40 days. The doctor said Superbaby being just over 9 weeks is still ok to get it now. My poor baby, I know I will be a cryin' fool as always.

You guys its still amazing and overwhelming in a such a good way, to have this little miracle man. I look at him everyday and say "are you really mine?" What joy has he has brought us, how much happier our lives are now I swear we love him more than anything.

Not a day goes by that Super S doesn't say "Wishing look our son.. Wishing we are walking with our son... our son, thank God..." and so many things like this. It is so amazing, and the best feeling.

I know many of you are struggling with infertility and doing IVF, adoptions, surrogacy and other procedures, I say to you NEVER GIVE UP. It took us 12 long hard years to get here but man was it ever worth it. Every agonizing shot I took, all the hormones I put into my body, all the negative betas and everything else... all completely, completely worth every suck ass second.

Its so hard to stay positive, believe me I know, but have faith, stick with it and you never know, things may turn out the way you want. I really almost gave up hope, sort of, but I knew deep down we would have child one day, I just felt it. I am so fortunate to have Super S by my side, he was always so positive and it helped me tremendously. Those of you whose partners are supportive, appreciate them even when you are down. There is nothing like hearing and feeling someone you love tell you everything will be ok.

Ok now that I am tearing up...

So I guess I would like to end this post saying to all of you who are trying, you are in my heart and I wish only the best success for all of you. You mean alot to me, even though you may not know it, and I may not know you, we are all connected by this string of IF, it binds us and we will all be sisters forever, children or not. But let us say with children, be positive remember?

I'll be back soon. Peace.


  1. Aww, you made me tear up too. So happy for the three of you! I can just picture the permanent grins on your faces even though I have never seen either of you!! :)

  2. Awww! What a great post :) Weep.

  3. So well said. I do cherish every moment with my children and consider myself very lucky to have them. Even if I do complain about them.Heh heh.
    I remember when Tony was circumcised, he screamed bloody murder during and after, right up until he heard my voice, then he suddenly stopped, like nothing happened at all.

  4. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself so much - it's hard work these first few months. Now you can get settled down to real life - which will be even more enjoyable!

    Glad to hear that Superbaby took the circumcision well (and I hope you don't attract the crazies by writing about it).

  5. You beautiful girl....Reading this just made me tear up.
    YOUR SON...a beautiful addition to your beautiful family.

    HUGS, LOVE and PEACE in the NEW YEAR!

  6. So glad things are going so well for you. congrats and happy new year!

  7. glad you guys got home safely! super baby sounds amazing and so do you! hope to hear more from you soon. happy new year! xo!

  8. ..it is all worth it, yes!

    Happy New Year, Wishing4One!


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