Wednesday, August 11, 2010

28 weeks, 4 days


Thanks for all of your comments and emails about Super S's brother they mean alot to us. We are doing good, sad but good.

So I am 7 months and 4 days pregnant today, never thought I'd get here really... but I'm here man. The kankles are in full effect and they are so sexaay let me tell you! Flip flops are the sh*t and a saving grace for real. I think I may have to fly back to the US in flip flops, thank God I have some really cute ones and ones that don't look like I should be at the pool.

Heartburn is gone, had it for just two days when I posted about it last. No other "symptoms" other than swollen ankles, which are not painful, but as I said so hot to look at.

My hemoglobin levels came back low today. Hemoglobin at 10.2 gm/dl (range 12.0 - 16.0) and Hematocrit at 31.4% (range 36.0 - 44.0). Dr. K suggested I take a supplement called Feroglobin twice daily so I will start that. Otherwise I feel good and all is well.

We will travel in September back to the States and have a doctors appointment a few days after we arrive. We plan to tour the birthing center at the hospital where Superbaby will be delivered and from the website it looks very very nice!

Its the first day of Ramadan here today, a month of fasting and reflection a very nice time in Cairo.

Hope you are all well, I'll try to update again soon. xoxo


  1. Big hugs...and keep those Kankles up! :)

  2. Need pictures of those sexy kanlkles! Wow, it's getting close to show time :) BIG HUGS

  3. Keep those feet elevated and cut salt out of your diet - that's the only way to combat the cankles (and it doesn't even work that well). I spent about a full month admiring my ankle bones once they returned! :)

    Ramadan is the time when everyone fasts all day, but can eat after sundown, isn't it? Does everyone just readjust their schedules for the month? 'Cause that's what I'd do...but then, I'm not very good at religious rules.

    Watch out for iron supplement induced constipation...increase your fiber/vegetable/fruit/juice intake to combat that.

    Glad to hear all is well otherwise...

    Thinking of you, Super S, and his brother...

  4. Good news that all is going well with the pregnancy - wow, 28 weeks, that is fabulous news, so not long to go now!!

  5. I am so thrilled your pregnancy is doing so fabulously.

    I Just read about Super S's brother. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I'm sorry I'm so late weighing in. My prayers and sympathy are with you.

  6. I have missed the post about Super S's brother passing away.. I am so sorry for your loss sweetie, sending you positive thoughts.

    Ramadan Kareem to you sweetie. We in full Ramadan here too but from what I hear from my Egyptian friends is not as much fun as it is in Egypt! Here it's much more strict but then again the working hours are so much shorter and we can all enjoy some rest. Hope you are enjoying some delicious Iftars..

    Glad to hear Superbaby is doing Great and that apart from the kankles all is going ok with you too!

  7. Your poor ankles!! and the heat would not be of any help either! But I'm delighted all is well and I'm sure the supplements will fix your mild anaemia. Thinking of you so often my friend, you have to post a new belly pic soon though! Much love, Fran

  8. Congrats on getting so far, and super woot wishes for the last leg of this amazing journey.

    I hope your ankles ease out a bit. But you know all is well that ends well.

    My doc also termed me slightly anaemic this last appointment...I am already on Iron supplements...

    Take Care!

  9. I know flip-flops are comfy.. but do you maybe have some less hazardous sandals? Remember that your center-of-gravity is off and you could easily trip. My pregnant SIL would up in the ER after falling down a step (in flip-flops) and got a mild concussion. Please be careful! I wear my awesome Keen sandals everywhere I go. :-)

    I'm sure you're looking forward to a cool September in the U.S. It will be here in no time!

  10. So, so sorry about S's brother. My heart hurts to hear that. Much love. xox

  11. Yeah, I'm so excited and glad your heartburn is gone.

  12. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  13. why did I not know that you were having Superbaby here in the States? I wish y'all a great flight, I can't imagine such a long flight being pregnant, but I'm sure it'll be great--shoot, sitting is ALL I wanted to do when I was pregnant!! :)

    you're almost there, I am so excited to meet Superbaby! take care of yourself and the Super fam. xoxo

  14. I wana a big hug with you... congratz...
    Thank you for the post...FertilAid Reviews

  15. What an inspirational story, i can only dream that my blog will end up with a BFP!!! Best wishes and luck x


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