Thursday, May 6, 2010

Travelling kitties

Haven't felt much like blogging lately, no reason really. Maybe as there is not alot going on these days? Anyway hi again. I am still pregnant as far as I know, will be 15 weeks on Saturday. Still haven't decided about next ultrasound, will post about it later.

Naranja has been gone for four days. Her babies were here outside in the house and since she's been gone we have been feeding them. I am sure something happened to Naranja as she would not abandon her babies at this young age of almost 6 weeks. She was always with them, even if she wandered about she would always come right back.

A British friend of ours came to visit yesterday. She lives in Luxor.  She mentioned to me that her friend, another British expat who lives in Luxor, was looking for two kittens. I asked her to call and see if she was willing to take our three babies. She was. She has a huge property there and they will have a great home.

So off they were last night for a 10 hour train ride to South Egypt in their carrier. My friend is such an animal lover, more of dogs, but took such good care of them on the journey. I sent her with milk, some shredded cheese, and she fed them some chicken, she shredded finely,  that she was served for dinner (she's a vegan).

She texted me along the way and when she arrived in Luxor to let me know they were at their new home.

I feel so happy that they have a good, loving new home, but cried last night as I miss them, they were our connection to Fajita (Naranja). We may never know what happened to her, but we miss her so.

Maurisias sisters (or brothers)

We named only this one...Maurisia

Naranja nursing her babies


  1. oh Wishi...the kitties are adorable and they are in a great place. it must be the time of the year that cats go astray... We still have no news of the Dude, I don't think we'll see him again. Sending you hugs. Fran

  2. Oh, those are such cute kittens! I'm sorry your Naranja has wandered off - I hope she finds her way back home to you.

  3. Am glad Naranja's kitties found a lovely abode. When Miss Naranja comes back, do ask about her adventure....what has she been upto?

    Hoping for everything to go well with you....I want your dream to turn true.

  4. Precious little babies...

    She will find her way home...after all, there is no place like home! HUGS

  5. oh naranja! i miss her already!

    glad you found such an excellent home for the babies. they are as cute as bats' ears.

  6. They are adorable... I so wish I could have cats, but sadly I am very allergic. I hope that your Naranja comes home soon.

  7. Aww, sorry you kitty is MIA. I hope she is ok. They are all adorable! I love when kitties nurse and they knead with their little paws - so cute!

  8. I'm so glad you found a good home for the kittens. And, don't give up on Naranja turning up. Kitties are so very good at finding their way home. {{{Hugs}}}

  9. Sweet kittens. I'm so sorry Naranja has wandered away. I hope she finds her way back home to you soon.

  10. Oh sweetheart - I'm so sorry about Naranja! She and her kittens look so adorable! One of our feral cats had a litter of orange kittens and they were so pretty! I'm so glad you found the kittens a good home - what an adventure for them:) (( hugs))

  11. Oh sweetie that is too sad. I really hope Naranja shows up soon. Gosh, she and her babies are adorable. I'm glad they found a good home, though. Thinking of you xx

  12. I'm so sorry to hear of Naranja's disappearance. I remember well that feeling of utter helplessness when my kitty vanished--it's the not-knowing what happened that's frustrating. I hope she finds her way to you again.
    The kittens are adorable.

  13. Very sorry to hear that Naranja has disappeared. The babies are adorable and I'm glad that you were able to find such a wonderful home.


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